McCown: Ottawa Team Awarded

Well, I personally don't find low scoring games necessarily dull to watch like Marty says. Some of the best games in any sport are low scoring affairs.

But hey, you know as part of the script, writers will write about this and it's not a slag towards the CFL, over the years I've read articles about dull NFL games being low scoring and NHL and soccer. They have to write this stuff. Although I'll admit it seems like this year and last it's all CFL dull low scoring while NFL games are higher scoring and these are just generalities, both occur in each league as we know.

Holy shiite, I had no idea Bob made this kinda money. I figured maybe $100,000 max, was I wrong. Man I should have got into sports journalism, cripes!! And McLean, holy mackonies!!

"Bob McCown, the afternoon drive host of The Fan 590 in Toronto, signed a five-year deal with the radio station a few weeks ago. His salary is pegged at somewhere between $700,000 and $800,000 a year."

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Ah, but when I think of it, I don't know if I could handle the pressure cooker he's in talking and learning about sports all day. That would be tough, for sure. 8)

I'm with you, I would have thought if he recieved half of that to maybe $400,000 to begin and escalating up to $500,000 in his last.
No wonder there are so many commercials when you listen to Bob and especially in the first phone in hour.