McCown: Ottawa Team Awarded

Ya know, I have suggested names like the RedCoats or the RedHawks. I've even seen the Riflemen suggested. But at this point, I don't care what you call em, even the Rough Riders. Just bring pro football back to Ottawa! :cowboy:

they'll never put a team in Saskatoon. forget it!

I don't understand why you guys continue to think they'll add another team out west??

There are no cities big enough to hold a CFL team..

Regina has a team because they had a team back in the 1920's.. and they have the entire province supply their fan support.

Edmonton and Calgary are 3 times the size of Regina, which is why they each have a team!

if anything they'll have 10 teams max.

They both have populations equal to that of the entirety of Saskatchewan (Not just 3, but 5x Regina).

And the Riders have been around since 1910... when it was just a wee-itty-bitty rugby league.

How about the Revenants? They keep coming back to life after all...

Would be nice to see the 'Peg back in the west too.

How about the 'Ottawa Auditors". Bet that would strike fear in to opponents.

OMG that’s an AWESOME name!

I still say they need a bilingual name though.

Go Rapids!

Tiens! Revenant is French for "returning."

Great idea, not the first one to have it, 1 problem there...11M short of a facility.


If its slated for 2009...why not the 'Niners???

I hope it's true. Since the franchise was revoked and not folded, is the name "Renegades" not automatic unless the new owners change it?

:? London? Another team out west? Dawson Creek Dinosaurs, Fort McMurray Caribou? I live on Vancouver Island and I don't think Victoria could support a team or build a suitable stadium. Quebec City and Halifax the rest is a pipe dream.

This info coroborates the bit of an interview I heard on the Team 1200 with Jeff Hunt where he declined to comment on an announcement for an Ottawa team but was smiling from ear to ear! I hope this is true (or ture, as Kanga used to say)!

Go Gades Go in 09!

P.S. Took my son trick or treating last night and I dressed up as a Renegade player. Informal survey of the neighbours indicates that Ottawa wants their team back!

When it is announced it will no doubt be great news however the major(and i mean major) stumbling block is going to be the city.


I am not as thrilled as everyone else. How many more dispersal drafts are we going to have to go through before we realize Ottawa does not want a football team.

Yes, Ottawa, and either Quebec City or Halifax....Anywhere is dreaming in technicolour. :roll: :roll:

Well, the good thing is that the announcement makes the benefits more obvious. We wouldn't be ficing the stadium the for if we get a team, it would be when.

What someone would have to do, following the announcement, is make it completely clear how the city benefits from having a team. It's already been said that the redevelopment that Hunt's group is suggesting would take Lansdowne from costing 1.5M a year to earning 12M to 15M. They need to highlight all the benefits to make it a complete no-brainer and put this international competion nonsense to bed.

McCown is a good guy, he sure is not one to cater to the Godfreys or whomever and look for under the table money to say the "right thing" to please whomever. I think he's the only person who has stood up to Godfrey on issues, good for him. I'm not talking CFL necessarily but baseball moreso, I think him and Godfrey are having a feud over the Jays or something, not sure exactly what it is?

dear hfxtc, since when is ottawa a "b" market? check your friggin map and look at your friggin newspaper you donkey, everything that happens in this country, politically speaking, happens here. how is the nation's capital a "b" market-the whole eastern part of the country past montreal is a "b" market.

            city legend

Earl, Bob suggested a couple of weeks back how his sources with Rogers(of course his employer) were suggesting that Godfrey may be fired as president and talk is how a headhunting firm has been in contact but not officially retained to look for a replacement.
Godfrey was out of the country but got wind of it and is now pissed at Bob and won't come on his show anymore.

Marty York in his Toronto article is reporting how the team has been awarded and the announcement will be made at GC.

Unlike Brunt and Naylor, to his credit Marty has been writing regular articles on the CFL for years and some which are positive and prove true.