McCown: Ottawa Team Awarded

I hate to start another thread, however this one is different. I just heard Bob McCown during the radio hour here on Fan 590 in Toronto sayin how a "little bird" has told him the deal is done, but will not be announced in all likelihood until after the GC.
Without naming names, yes if this was Marty York, Stephen Brunt or Dave Naylor we would discount it, but Bob you have to know is the premier sports radio personality in Canada.
More important, he is far and away the biggest backer of the CFL on the Fan and knows the Argo owners personally and to boot, is on the Argos Grey Cup Committee.

this is AMAZING news...i just hope they get to stack thier roster and be competitive right away, cuz the last thing we need is another

and they better be called the Renegades.

mike hogan is up there too.

This would be fantastic for the league. And let's call them the Rough Riders!

Argotom maybe he is McMahon.

Ottawa first.
Then Quebec City, Halifax and London, Ontario.
And another team out west.

I second sammyj, more rough riders please!

Time for the CFL to get aggressive.
I think we've just seen the tip of the ice berg here.

Can't ever have too many Rough Riders. I'm already looking forward to the Halifax Rough Riders! :wink:

I'm remaining cautiously optimistic. It seemed to me that the potential owners that stepped up did so based on the possibility of being able to redevelop Lansdowne Park, and that hasn't been determined yet. So they might only announce a sort of conditional franchise, but that's still better than a kick in the 'nards.

If this is true it's great news! I think the CFL has done their homework and they wouldn't be awarding them a franchise if they didn't have the "wright" people involved :wink:

I heard it was Loonie Glieberman for his third try.....Just Kiddin.

That is good news. Will it be in place and in time for 2008?

I heard an interview a bit back where the aim was 2009. I think that is a better goal then 2008. It would give the team time to do some things, maybe get some marketing in place, some corporate backing. Also time for the team to get some players on recruiting lists, stuff like that.
Nobody wants what happened last time with the team, as in the lack of on field production. But also nobody wants their team to be dismantled to start this team. They should have to rely on a bit of their own scouting.

Full agreement. As a fan, I'd want them back ASAP but from a practical standpoint, 2009 makes much more sense.

berezin I like your 12 team scenario, but instead of the "dog" London possibility, I would go out west for the rabid Saskatchewan fans and go to Saskatoon. Which is far enough away and bigger then Regina.
In addition, this would even out the two divisions.

This team's been revived enough I'd call them the GhostRiders !

I wonder how much the NFL coming to Canada is knocking the scenility from the BOG...Not so worried about sharing their pie anymore hey!

That is exciting news but I'm going to wait until I have heard something official before I get too excited. Still, I will start to think of a different 'handle' for my Forum name.

This is exciting but I don't want the peg back in the west. Look at it this way the best teams in the league this year


4 out of the 5 best teams in the league would be in the west, REDONCULOUS!

Seriously though I would welcome them back into the league but hate how competative the west would become.

I personaly would like to see them get ride of those divisions. Play everyone twice and rank them 1 through 9. No more by. 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7...I'm tired of seeing teams playing each other over and over. if Toronto meets Montreal in the playoff it will be their 7th game this season! This is ridicoulous.

You could even make it a draft in the postseason. First place team could pick its playoff opponent, then the second position team would pick...


Good news? NO.

Great news? YES!!!

I'm glad Ottawa has solid ownership and is ready to join the greatest football league once again!

Bob McCowan is a great host and runs a great show. Unlike his guest (ie Stephen Brunt), he doesn't have his head up his ass.

Saskatchewan could not support 2 teams! Another team in the west yes, but not in Saskatchewan.

Dont' worry about it, if the CFL decides to go to "b" markets like Ottawa, London, Halifax, Saskatoon the league will have to share revenues to accomodate these roughly 22 000 attendance. Anything else is a recipe for disaster.