McCown is reporting MLSE will not make BMO a CFL Field

On his show today Bob McCown stated MLSE will not renovate BMO to accommodate the CFL and the Argonauts. It would take an additional 16 million to accommodate CFL Football, and it is not worth it to MLSE. Negotiations broke down in the summer between MLSE's Tim Leiweke and the Argonauts. Tim Lieweke is now on his way out of MLSE. In addition, MLSE doesn't want to disrupt the soccer grass and upset their fans by having the CFL in the Stadium.


Bob McClown is a grassy knoll kinda guy - or should a say a gassy troll kinda guy. MLSE has agreed to do this and I believe they will.

I think he's pretty reliable with inside information being in that field, It's starting to make sense now that no announcement has been made !

They’ve agreed not to impede it. The money has to come from somewhere and so far I’ve seen nothing from the province, the feds, the owner or the CFL that someone is willing to put up the money. The league needs to come up with the money, they have a year to do it or they can kiss the Argos goodbye.

The PanAm renovations at BMO are starting so someone better Step UP ! because they are not going to renovate BMO Field twice ! I don't think it's going to happen either, time is ticking, this should have been settled by now with the renovations starting soon !!

Not sure how he has been accurate in the past. Last time he said this, a week later, T.L. came out and said BMO would be made CFL ready and they will honour their commitment.

The city has kicked in their share. The province, under the Liberal government, will come up with their share. If Trudeau wins the Federal election, he has already said he will forgo tax cuts to improve infrastructure.

Worst case, the CFL needs to come up with $20M and, as I have said before, I could easily see them borrowing that from TSN against future TV money.

It will get done.

So the difference to upgrade BMO to a CFL field is now down to 16 million from 20 M earlier?

So if the CFL comes up with the 16 mil, MLSE will say no to the 10 additional dates? And the city will be OK with this too?

So if we're taking in the present tense, then McCown saying 'MLSE will not make BMO a CFL Field' is correct.

I believe so as well, the remaining card MLSE can play is using dirty tactics in the negotiation of the lease. The Argos may need the city of Toronto to step in and insure that it is a clean lease and that the Argos have equal access to the property and concession revenues, that I am more worried about given Toronto's history when it comes to dealing with MLSE and Rogers.

Renovations have started for the Pan Am games, don’t you think the engineers need to know so they can do it now ??

I know others will disagree but I strongly believe the NEXT TSN/CFL deal will be in the $100M/yr range.

So... If the CFL needs to borrow $10/$20/$40M from TSN, they just pay it off, with interest, against the future deal. So, instead of paying $100M in rights over 5 years, TSN pays $90M. A win-win.

Now, before some posters says, "I can't see the CFL getting $100M. $80M maybe but not $100M". Fine. That's NOT the point and you're missing the big picture. The point is, with 5 channels, it is in TSN's best interest to keep the CFL alive and healthy - and 85 games of Canadian content flowing. The Toronto Argos and the CFL are a big part of that equation. After losing hockey, they will not allow that to disappear.

Having Tory in City Hall will go a long way in helping the Argos and the CFL get a fair deal.

There are 3 phases. The CFL/Argos are part of Phase 3. If the funding is there, the Argos will have a home.

Tory's in City Hall ?? Awesome !, I didn't know he won, I guess I missed that :rockin: :rockin: Done Deal Then :thup:

What's phase 1 and phase 2 consist of ?

God willing, he will win. The polls seem to think so…

From what I understand...

Phase 1 is for the upcoming Games.

Phase 2 is to improve the soccer field/stadium.

Phase 3 is to make it CFL ready.

Wow this is incredible new from McCown! He's one of the most respected and balanced sports commentators in Toronto with insider knowledge of all the Rogers goings-on. If he says MLSE won't renovate BMO for the Argos, you can take that to the bank. So the Argos are officially done like dinner. Time for Brailey to throw down the keys and walk away, there is no hope. Need more proof? Just look at the abysmal Ticketmaster seating graphic to be posted here soon. Only Hamilton fans and transplanted westerners going to the Argos game. :lol: Toronto is just not a football town (unless its the NFL of course!) Maybe the Argos could share Hamilton's stadium or better yet relocate to the East Coast or Alaska? Perhaps they could hold a "Save the Argos" bake sale, but nobody would probably come. :lol:

John Tory is a Roger's shill. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that he wins the mayoral election and then doesn't allow the city to contribute to the expansion of BMO.

I assume you are being sarcastic and I agree.

He was also the CFL Commissioner so...

Why do you say he's a "Roger's shill"?

Bradley has already pull out, he has cut Half the staff, no marketing, he is as good as gone :roll: makes you wonder if your selling the team you don't run it into the ground :thdn: to get the maximum profit :roll: