McCown admits why hate for CFL now

McCown finally admits the real reason he has turned on the CFL. Listen to Prime Time Fri Nov 27 4pm, Bob takes calls. I think it's second caller in. Wonder how the caller got by McCowns screener to get on the air.

Prime Time Sports - November 27 - 4pm

wow, Bob the Rogers puppet actually says he gave up on the CFL years ago and doesn't miss it at all.

he also says moving to BMO will not save the Argos and admits he has no respect for the CFL.

well I sincerely hope the Argos become a hot ticket and sell out each and every game at BMO with ratings going through the roof all while he continues his petty boycott.

and good luck getting a corporate seat Bob after such belittling comments.

Thanks for the link.

Had a listen and the reason he says is the one that I thought was the case.

Though C & S did not have the funds at the end of the day, they did revive the brand and Argo games were fun to go to.

So when the league had the opportunity to assist them, do a form of what other leagues do - revenue sharing. Instead, they chose to have one perso own 2 teams, hurt the credibility of the league and set the franchise back a decade.

Being good freinds of the Bobcat, I can see why he lost his respet for the league. Hopefully, the team can be rebuilt and run professionaly again. Personally, he may care again. Though professionaly via Rogers, it may be a different story.

McCown is upset at he league cause he doesn't get any dish first. Dave Naylor is the king of sports media in Canada now and Rogers network is put behind TsN even if they have hockey.

TSN is king in Canada cause they have NCAA sports, CFL football, and all the regional hockey games.

McCown is upset he has nothing to talk about and his listeners are way down.

I agree that C ans S would great owners and the league should have helped when asked. But and its a big but. S and C could be blamed for where the Argos have been these last 9 years. S and C had the deal to build a stadium at Varsity fall through, they had a deal with York and Canadian Soccer, they pulled out of that. They pulled out of the BMO stadium deal again with the Canadian soccer association , all because Paul Godfrey came running over to them with a 5 year lease at the Doom for very low rent. They never looked long term, now the team paid the price for that lack of vision

McCown has the number 1 sports radio show in the country. In fact the last rating book had McCown show as the highest rated radio show period. Non sports shows included. Deep down he loves the CFL, and the league needs to get him back

McCown is not the #! show in Canada its Dave Naylor cause he is on tv and radio coast to coast. McCown is not even in every city in Canada.

He is probably around #70 in sports media in Canada. He is not in any loop. He has zero connections in any sport. In fact I forgot he is even on the radio cause he just isn't on the sports radar anymore. In fact he really never was. He just started rumors. Its always ''my sources people close to me''

I listened to the caller segment and its funny he is soooo angry his friends aren't in the CFL anymore and that he has no interest anymore. lol - I guess he goes to lots of Leafs and Blue Jays games huh? nah.

McCown is a loser. Do not take anything he does seriously. Like I said. Nobody listens to him. He is in no loop which is evidence.

McCowan has little awareness and/or credibility outside Southern Ontario. And he's real grumpy. Not on my radar....

Wish you were right, but facts say otherwise

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I am right. You are wrong. Read the article. That is not Canada but 1 city. And it does not say anything about ratings per show. Dave Naylor is the #1 sports show in Canada. That comes from real ratings.

TSN also has NFL games

I used to follow McClown's show years ago more, but he's become a bit of a bore now. The constant scowl, too much negativity. Also they do WAY too much Jays coverage (naturally since owned by Rogers), but baseball talk outside of this past year is so droll to me. He's definitely not at his peak form from many moons ago.

Then show me the ratings. It also shows that Dave Naylor has NO ONE listening to him in ONT

I disagree with most of this post.

Agree, 100%. He's soon to retire so...

I used to be a fan as well but the topics are limited to two sports now and he has the same American guests on all the time. Seriously who the hell are these guys and what do they mean to Canada. ZERO that's what.

I read a good post from a guy somewhere who made a great point. Why would we bother to listen to a middleman in Toronto to sell us American sports when we can go directly to the American sources themselves. I used to be a McCown booster but he's yesterday's man now and his buddies C and S and their shortsightedness are why the Argos got in the mess, Braley only made it worse.

McCown is Toronto, that's why he is so hateful towards the CFL. He has been thinking how he will be the man with a NFL team coming to Toronto. But that is not going to happen.

I'm not saying McCown does not get good ratings. But the brief squib you cite as proof of his ratings dominance was published in June -- June of 2011, that is. The data might be just a tad stale.

Factually incorrect.

McCown has constantly said there's ZERO chance of the NFL coming to Toronto.

And not much has changed since then. McCown's PTS still dominates whatever garbage TSN has up against him by a 3:1 margin. You can read about it here...

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Not that this should come as any surprise. McCown is clearly the best sports radio host in the country and it's not even close. The rest are divided into two camps - - the ones who blandly recite statistics and recap what happened yesterday, and the ones who just make jackasses of themselves.

Ever since those two clowns from TSN somehow made it to FOX, the focus has shifted from hosts who can actually formulate well thought out opinions to hosts that just make fools of themselves.

I'd followed Micallef from his days broadcasting OUA games, but now it's got yo the point that he's unwatchable/unlistenable.