ok, i think Glenn is throwing to Stegal WAY to much. either hes gonna get a huge hit and get injured, or all the hits will wear out his old body. we NEED milt for the playoffs!

i know Thurmans real good and all, and once he and Kevin connect, that willk be a dangerous duo for the long ball. but who would u rather have. thurmon or milt?

i know childs is great, he's versitile and powerfull. but who would u rather have?

Brazzell i find is a good reciever. but he only has Amazing games every now and then, and it seems like hes not really there for some others. i think we need to get him the ball more to help Stegal out.

now the reason this thing is called MCCORD is because in the first few games, Glenn was obviously hooking up with McCord. Mccord was one of his go to guys. once they took him off the roster, its been all milt. i think that if the kept him in the games, he'd be second for yards, and catches, ahead of brazzell, and behind Stegal. putting him is would not only help our passing game tremendously, it would take some of the load off Milt, and we'd have Milt for the entire season. we NEED to find a way to get this guy in there.

we should also keep giving roberts the ball 20-25 times a game. even use him more as a reciever. He's extremely dangerous as well.

but dont get me wrong, we need to have childs in there as well. i have no idea what the best move would be. but apparently hes listed as a starter on the depth chart on and they still have childs in there for a back up to roberts. i hope thats the case.

As long as we keep winning, I won't be complaining about who they use. Stegall is in tremendous shape, he can take a few hits. He said himself recently something along the lines of having the whole rest of his life to heal.

Great if we can get other recievers involved, but if we keep winning I won't complain.

I agree with you there but if stegall did get hurt thats a huge problem for us.

Plus I think if we got more of our receivers inolved in the game we would be almost unstopable. Right now the defenses know that if its a passing play 2/1 odds are its Glenn to Stegall. In my opinion its time to stir the pot.

ahh yes but even if they know its going to stegall, 99% of the time, they cant stop it anyways. And i agree, mccord is a great receiver and should be utelized more in the passing game. Maybe we could remove AJIII from the lineup to have that extra import to dress shocker as KR/PR and McCord as receiver. But also, we have Arjei Franklin who is a great receiver, and i personally think he should start as the canadian. I think stoddard is a hands guy and is past his prime.

McCord could get the nod if Milt cant go Friday.....I like McCord, he drops the odd pass but who doesnt.