McCord Out, Shockmain Davis Is IN

From The Winnipeg Sun

Quentin McCord is out, and Shockmain Davis is in.

That is one of two changes Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Doug Berry is making for tomorrow's tilt against the Toronto Argonauts at Rogers Centre.

McCord, a slotback, had eight catches for 93 yards in the first three games of the season, but Berry wants to see what Davis, who attended Argonauts camp this year, can do in McCord's spot.

"He's got some speed, he's got decent size, he's got good hands, good abilities," said Berry. "He brings very similar things that we have with Quentin, but we've got him here on the roster and it's early in the season and we don't think we're putting a lesser talent on the field.

"If we felt that, we wouldn't do it."

The other change is DB Gabriel Fulbright in for CB Omar Evans, who's nursing a groin injury. Stanford Samuels will move across the field to start for Evans, while William Fields will take over for Samuels.

Personally I like the move and im not saying McCord has been bad becuase he has caught everything thrown his way and played quite well. But like Berry says "we've got him here on the roster and it's early in the season and we don't think we're putting a lesser talent on the field." Who knows this guy might play some lights out football :slight_smile:.

some of the guys (receivers) come up here with great credentials...and expectations...only to fizzle (vinny sutherland)..i hope he works out ...maybe he'll shock me man and light it up....(ooooooo that;s bad) :o

McCord has dropped a couple of passes this year. I think thats why Shockmain gets his shot.

he should be stoked to show the Argos they made a mistake in letting him go, that could be the only reason for it.

You know what I don't get? Everytime a reciever gets injured there is always another american with great credentials who comes in to start. This player usually gets cut later in the year and Stoddard replaces him and looks great down the stretch. Then the next year starts and Stoddard is again a backup to these Americans.
I love how he plays, very clutch - timely first downs.....why does he not get his chance?

let's see what the NFLE man can do, although I don't understand the change after the Bombers blow out EE last week.

well i liked macord so far , that first catch of the year agaisnt montreal where he was lookin over his right and had to turn away from the ball to his left and made that divin grab....the first ever cfl challenge (a little triva) so will see, the shock wasnt much of a return threat in wpg last week

first ever regular CFL challenge, that is.

how did shockman do?

...made ONE nice reception,,,,and took it for about 30 yds. ...i liked what i saw....he's got a way to go to get to Stegals stature though...and talking about Milt...i just realized who he reminds me of....a guy they used to call ol' Folks.... Ernie Pitts ..who used to play for the Bombers when we won all those Grey Cups in the sixties...ol Ernie had hands like glue....and even in his later years....just like Milt....would take a lickin' and keep on tickin'...Pitts was a good one..i hope Stegal can put one Grey Cup ring on his finger...ol'Folks Ernie had quite a few