McCoil's a stampeder...

…back from the NFL…

Ah…the beauty of having Sherritt on the Stamps coaching staff.

If he’s still close to the same player as he was in E then he’s a real good get.

Sometimes these LBs come back too heavy for the CFL. But he was special 5 years ago.

Actually, he is back from the XFL. Draft that is. Lol.
XFL had their draft last week. McCoil was was drafted by the St Louis Franchise.
The thing about Guys Like McCoil in the NFL or one of the rogue leagues in the US pro game he is a safety.
In the Cfl. He is a WILLLB.
& he last played in the NFL in 2018.
But since then he has still been working out with teams in 2019. Including a TC atmosphere for XFL showcases of players in the draft.
The only thing i can think of that he hasnt return before the XFL draft was that he thought an NFL team may have signed him post NFL TCs at least to a PR spot.
With Harris returning.
A fresh scat back in Shaq who has been wasting away on the ESKS PR until the Gamble injury.
As well as Stefan Charles straight out of the folding AAF. season not that long ago. The huge Canadiain DT has been sitting on the Esks PR for about a month now.

Nice! finally a body coming back to the Stamps instead of heading out the door ;D

Wow. Who knows but I don’t agree it was very likely at all that McCoil was even being looked at in the NFL given his history since even before being cut in 2018 in the final cuts and as I noted in the returning players thread. He has not played in a regular NFL game since 2017.

And I’m not sure any more the rules for eligibility for an NFL practice roster after so much time as an active player and on those rosters. Either McCoil is no longer eligible for one or his time on one would be very limited all the same if he were not to be activated.

In the end he is no longer NFL talent as I explained and given his history, but sure he is likely not far off.

Yes. Exactly. McCoil has ran his course in the NFL. For many reasons. None to which isnt that he isnt a good player. But being one of those middle 3rd if the NFL rosters. Replaced with yunger and cheaper guys.