McCoil suing Esks

Eskimos LB Dexter McCoil's agent suing to void final year of contract: source 0

By Gerry Moddejonge, Edmonton Sun

First posted: Friday, July 10, 2015 04:26 PM MDT | Updated: Friday, July 10, 2015 06:13 PM MDT
The CFL's 2014 outstanding rookie, Eskimos LB Dexter McCoil, appears to be looking to become a free agent at the end of the season. (Al Charest, Postmedia Network)

It looks as if the honeymoon phase is over for Dexter McCoil and the Edmonton Eskimos.

According to a West Coast source, the reigning CFL most outstanding rookie is looking to become a free agent at the conclusion of the 2015 season.

The Edmonton Sun has learned player agent Dan Vertlieb is in the process of suing the Eskimos in order to have the final year of McCoil’s contract voided. Vertlieb has not returned calls from the Sun.

A Vancouver-based attorney, Vertlieb is the same player representative who sued the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on behalf of Chris Williams in 2013.

That bitter dispute saw Williams, the league’s top special-teams player at the time, sit out the entire season for a chance to sign with an NFL club.

In the end, he was granted the ability to do so, but would still belong to the Ticats upon his eventual return to the CFL.

The Eskimos weren’t available to the media on Friday and general manager Ed Hervey didn’t immediately respond to a request for an interview.

The team’s next practice is Monday at Commonwealth Stadium.

Same agent as Chris Williams. It says he's suing to get out of his contract at the end of 2015, but wouldn't he be on a one yr plus option and be expiring at the end of this season anyways?

Maybe he should get a better agent. A lot of teams will release guys who want to try out the NFL as an act of good faith.

maybe printers can give him some advice

If this is the way he wants to handle things, then I give him a giant middle finger.

"But coach Jones , you walked away from your contract for 5k. Throw me a bone"
The CFL ! :lol:

Vertlieb is burning CFL bridges and may find it difficult dealing with teams after this latest lawsuit.
question is, why are players signing contracts if they do not intend to honor the terms?

Pandora's Box flipped open with the Williams fiasco and cannot be closed now.

[b]The Edmonton Sun has learned player agent Dan Vertlieb is in the process of suing the Eskimos in order to have the final year of McCoil’s contract voided. Vertlieb has not returned calls from the Sun.

A Vancouver-based attorney, Vertlieb is the same player representative who sued the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on behalf of Chris Williams in 2013.[/b]

This is precisely the reason why I have a hate on for Chris Williams, he opened a huge can of worms and other players will try the same thing. Honour the contract you signed you idiot :thdn:

Oh, he's a "Vancouver-based" attorney.

That explains why he wanted Chris Williams and now Dexter McCoil out of the country. :lol:

Why are CFL teams still dealing with this guy anyway? Wasn't Williams' contract voided partially on the grounds that his agent was not registered with the CFL? C'mon, guys, learn from our mistake!

I know I now have nothing but contempt for Chris Williams, and if this is true, McCoil will not be winning fans in Edmonton.

Your dreaming. He and Williams sued the CFL and when Williams came back this year after being a bust in the NFL. They were all falling over themselves to make him one of the highest paid players in the league.

yes but you can only bite the hand(s) that feed you so many times before the eventual "talk to the hand" response ensues from member clubs.
How many lawsuits/threats by Vertlieb will it take before this happens? hard to say.

But teams will have to decide whether dealing with Vertlieb is worth the effort, especially if agreements signed by his clients eventually culminate in breaches of contract, strikes, legal fees and subsequent court costs. (including Excedrin abuse)

and Williams isn't exactly setting the league on fire either which will not go unnoticed by GM's.

A decision they may regret given that Williams has dropped at least 3 important passes that were in his grasp. The guy is so far in this early season looking vastly overrated.

McCoil would have signed his contract in Edmonton last year, before the new CBA kicked in which eliminated the option year. That means that he is still bound to his option year which would be next year if he signed a two years + an option deal which is likely what he did. I don't like his chances of winning any legal action against the Esks but Edmonton will have to ask themselves whether it is worth it keeping an unhappy player around for a full year.

The option year is still mandatory for a player's first contract. Like Williams, McCoil signed a 3-year deal. William's claimed he wasn't offered the minimum 2-year deal which is required, I believe. The Ticats giving Williams his release benefited them in no way, with the player signing with a division competitor upon is return.

McCoil should be honoured to play for a storied franchise like the Esks. They won't look kindly on the player discrediting the franchise by suing the team. They should park him on the reserve roster for the next 2 seasons (or suspend him) then have him escorted off the premises in December 2016.

Don't know that they can do either if he shows up at practice/camp (as the case may be) ready to play.

In order to add/"park" a player to the practice roster,you have to RELEASE HIM,FIRST.


I think he's talking about leaving him on the 46 and not dressing him. All that would do is hurt the team and poison the locker room anyway. They will release him and when he gets cut in the NFL, he will get a raise when he shows back up... :?

The 46th man option makes the most sense in terms of understanding what he meant.

Ultimately, pro sports is pure capitalism. NFL and CFL a little more brutal than NHL/NBA/MLB (maybe MLS ?) as football contracts are not guaranteed.

EEs will release McCoil (likely at the end of the season) or come to agreement on a contract extension, whichever alternative works best for them (i.e., only extend if they are happy with the $$$).

Yep, I was suggesting putting McCoil on the 2-man reserve squad...starting this week. I realize that's pretty vindictive but the player did sign a 3-year contract...long after the Chris Willliams saga was well publicized. Certainly McCoil's agent should have advised his client on the ramifications of signing a 3 year contract? Normally a player signing for 3 years will receive a bigger annual salary than for a 2-year deal.

CFL teams probably don't want to hold back their star players from leaving for the NFL but can't they at least fulfill their contracts?

Ideally the Esks should be compensated by the NFL team signing McCoil (with Edmonton holding his CFL rights for the next 2-3 years.) The NFL team could pay a signing fee to the Esks to release McCoil from his contract. Another option is an inter-league trade, like when B.C. traded Joe Kapp to the Vikings for Jim Young.

I doubt the NFLPA would consider a trade :stuck_out_tongue:

If the CFLPA and the league had an ounce of sense they would decertify Vertilieb.

Eskimos might counter sue as well. Let's see if the CFLPA wants to spend six to seven figures fighting the Empire.

agreed, although the losing team (in this case the Esks) should be granted indefinite CFL rights if/when the defecting player returns to the CFL regardless of the time frame.

Even after arduous arbitration dates and court costs, the Cats agreed (foolishly) to hold Williams' CFL rights for just 1 season when he left for the NFL, only to see Williams sign with another team upon his return to the CFL a year and a half later.