McClown and company

Just listened to McClown and company and surprise surprise, they did nothing but trash the Argos and the CFL. Going on about how much money Bell and Tannenbaum are spending on marketing of the Argos. Mouthing off that the Argos are going lose the new owners a ton of money. Someone should them how much money the Jays and TFC lose for Rogers, not to mention the NHL TV debacle. Just came off as petty jealousy.

Oy vay...

So... It's okay for Rogers to spend $150M U.S. (just in Jays player salaries) to gain 162 games of Canadian content but it's not okay for TSN to lose $5M (for the sake of argument on the Argos) to ensure they have 90 games (including exhibition games) of Canadian CFL content? What am I missing?

In the last 3 years, Rogers (RCI.b) has returned less than 10% (total) to it's investors.
BCE almost 40%.

Who do you think is running a better company?

2 words.........Wind Bags

Thank God he's retiring soon.

Madani rips TSN for promoting the Argos but had no issue with Rogers and the Jays doing the same thing.

Madani tweets how the loudest he heard the stadium was during the streakers and how that shows that no one cares about the outcome of the game. If there was a streaker at a jays game the crowd would be bonkers too. And it definitely was not the loudest part of the game.

Madani and Blair were all smug how they " only " had 692,000 viewers after all the promos and then they smugly say that the jays were off that night too.

On Tim and sid on Wednesday, after the Copeland interview, they were jokingly asking what channel the game is on, and then sid says I think there is a jays game that night on Sportsnet, and then laughs and says, oh they are off tomorrow. What a tool. You disrespect the Argos while the president of the team is sitting right beside you.

Michael Grange was the only rational one on the roundtable.

You know I can't remember ever seeing TSN people ragging on Sportsnet. I would rip Rogers for ruining HNIC.

Madani is a tool. What the heck does " believer in the Columbus blue jackets mean?" Are you a fan or a journalist?

It was reported the BJ's lost US$17 million last year and that was their best year in a couple decades. $50 million annual loses were the norm after Rogers bought the team. In a Macleans article, Ted admitted he lost $300 million in his first 8 years of BJ's ownership (and his quotes were likely accurate as he owned the magazine).

McClown shouldn't be too worried about the principles of MLSE losing money on the CFL. Tanenbaum is a billionaire and if he lost a million dollars on the Argos as his play thing, he's entitled to do that. But instead the Argos will probably make about $10 million profit this year hosting the Grey Cup...the BJ's not so much. 8)

I could see the Argos losing $3M this year - NOT including Grey Cup revenue or playoff revenue.

I could also see the Argos losing $12M over the next 5 years. However, once you add playoff revenue and a Grey Cup, they will break even between now and the end of the 2020 season. That is a small price to pay (no price to pay) for BCE/TSN to get 90 3 hour blocks of Canadian Summer/Fall Content.

However, when the Jays lose a ton of money on the Jays and the NHL, Sportsnet justifies it over and over again.

Where was it reported ? do you have a link?

Also on the show they mentioned the break even for the Argos is 18K/game based on the TV deal and I would presume having access to 2/3s or the revenues from BMO. So last night's crowd won't be the norm still even a marginal increase over the Toronto hosted game from last year, they could be in the black.

Add Grey Cup revenues on top of it, their investment will seem to be off to a good start

I remember reading a MLB finance blog from the U.S. recently which pegged the BJ's real loses at $17 million last year...despite Rogers "shell-game" accounting. I will retry to locate that link.

Here's a link to a related Forbes article:

Here another link which goes back a few years and explains Rogers accounting chicanery which hides BJ losses:

With the U.S. dollar, I cannot believe the team doesn't lose in the $20M+ range. They, of course, justify it by claiming cell phone sales and Canadian content which is fine. Just don't scoff when BCE/TSN loses FAR less (in anything) on the CFL for half the content and similar ratings.

Here we go again - - the resident Hand Wringers and Sensitive Snowflakes are apoplectic about something said regarding the Argos/CFL.

Since getting satellite radio I quickly realized how unlistenable Canadian "sports talk" radio is, so I missed this one since I rarely if ever listen to 590.

Any publicity is good publicity - - the Hand Wringers and Sensitive Snowflakes should be grateful Mcowan devoted so much time talking about the Argos.

Just out of curiosity, how much time was spent discussing the lacrosse team or the Intercounty Maple Leaf baseball team or the 9th division soccer team? My guess would be ZERO, since nobody cares about minor-pro leagues.

I listened to McClown’s program and I didn’t think it was that bad. I thought they were fair - altho McClown was more negative than most.

Eight interesting points from the show (to save everyone from listening)…

  • 18,000 paid tickets is the Break Even mark for the Argos (as per Arash Madani);
  • BMO is “Outstanding” for football (as per Arash Madani);
  • A 692,000 TV ratings is good but not great;
  • NBA Draft hurt the TV numbers;
  • They wanted a 20,000 Season Tickets base but did not get there;
  • Argos started the game 40 minutes late to ensure the stadium looked full on TV;
  • Capacity : 26,000 for regular season, 39,000 for Grey Cup;
  • TSN TV Contract is $45,000,000/yr.

Nothing we didn’t know (altho I thought the ST goal was 15K) but it was good/interesting to hear Arash Madani give the 18,000 Break Even number.

Paulo Senra says he's going to call out Madani all year long. I give Senra kudos for that.

I usually find that what McCown and guests say on his show are poorly and negatively paraphrased here. Always best to listen first before just taking as gospel what gets translated to here.

If you mean me, please let me know what I mistranslated (being sincere and not sarcastic).

No not you. I meant the original non-summary given. Not your more accurate summary.

I truly believe Arash and many of the PTS regulars want the Argos to succeed and survive. Of course, McClown is the exception. His bitterness (because the CFL turned him down as an owner and his friendship of C&S) is always apparent.

For the record, I thought C&S were terrific owners.

I have no recollection as to him being turned down as a potential legitimate owner. I've asked for some semblance of documented proof but never have seen it.

To me its a Toronto Urban Myth.