McCarty's the latest victim

Has anyone read the article about Calvin McCarty on the homepage? It's an interesting read.

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I was reading it, and I couldn't help but think: Why do we keep passing this guy over? He had quite a few good games last season while backing up AJ Harris. His rushing yards this season aren't spectacular, but his averages are pretty good. In his last three games he's averages 6.4, 8.4 and 4.0 yards/carry.

But this just seems to be the MO of the Eskimos. We had a good running back in Tyler Ebell, but we traded him to Toronto. Then we had a good running back in Harris, but we released him... TWICE! Now we're giving McCarty the shaft for some rookie.

I loved this line by Richie Hall: "The reality is that no matter what level you've been successful at, you might have been the star in high school, when you go to university, you're a freshman. There's a pecking order."

If that's the case, then why does he keep picking the rookie over the veteran? Since Whitlock started playing, the carries favour him 41-22.

right now it seems the Esks Offence is built around a back like Witlock , I think later in the Season it will even out more . just my opinion .

Anyone else find it hilarious that they were showing AJ Harris clips between games tonight?