McCarthy joins Als

A where are they now briefette.
Montreal Gazette reports that …

McCarthy joins Alouettes

Mike McCarthy, a former general manager with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, is expected to join the Alouettes in a part-time capacity.

McCarthy, who still resides in the Hamilton area, will become a scout for the team along with handling other player-related duties, perhaps even breaking down film on potential players Montreal’s considering signing.

McCarthy, who has become a car salesman in Hamilton to pay the bills, was a Ticats’ player-personnel consultant and adviser last season. He was approached to join the Als by assistant general manager Marcel Desjardins. Desjardins was the Ticats’ GM last season.

To think this guy got us Nick Setta and Zeke and we let this guy go. Great football man and he will be a huge asset to the Als.

agreed Great Football Guy..
Better Person..

Great Guy,

Saw him at the Tiger-Cat Black and Gold practice up in the stands with a note pad.

Not that he was actually scouting the Cats before the opening game or anything.


Montreal wouldn't break any rules would they?

Mike was probably just looking for some car sales in all likihood.

Does anyone know which car dealership he is working for? Maybe I can buy my next car from know help him out a bit. :slight_smile:

I saw Mike walk up the steps of the south stands before the game on Thursday. A huge mistake no asking him back for 2008. It appears the football minds are as bright as the city council in Hamilton. Anyways, Mike has numerous connections south of the border and has found many quality players in the past. Another year of moving the deck chairs on the Titantic................

I'll tell ya Montreal is spending a freakin fortune on football operation personel.

I am actually surprised it took so long with McCarthy.

And who else did he get us?

He sells used cars for DeWildt Chrysler at the traffic circle.

I talked to him there a couple of weeks ago. He told me he was doing some work for the Als then.

The question you should be asking is what players has Obilovich's good friend Dan Rambo brought to camp that will turn in to a franchise player?

Tre Smith maybe. I admit the jury's still out on a lot of these guys. I'm not trying to say McCarthy is bad, just not really a big deal that he went to Mtl. Remember, McCarthy almost drove the Argos into the ground as their GM in the early-mid 90s (I know that's not necessarily a bad thing :wink: )

Are you crazy, Mike built the Argonauts into one of the most explosive teams the CFL has ever seen when they scored a league record 689 points in 1990 and a year later won the Grey Cup.

He had nothing to do with the financial downfall of the team, the can be linked to the colaspe of the Bruce McNall empire, the ownership would not even give McCarthy the 500,000 to resign Dunigan and thus he went to Winnipeg. Rumours also sugested that the McNall took the Argos season ticket money and used it to pay the King's bills in LA.