McCarthy and Smith

Can anyone explain to me specifically what are the responsibilities of Mike McCarthy and Craig Smith?

I have always had a great deal of respect for Mike McCarthy and his knowledge of the CFL game.
I really do not know a lot about Craig Smith even though he has been here a couple of seasons.
Do they work together?
Are they both player personnel guys?
Do you think either of them were interested in the GM job when it became available?

Two experienced but under the radar guys.

Yeah I've often wondered what the exact particular differences are between a player personel director & a director of football operations or general manager.

Sometimes it seems that positions are created for the sake of having someone on the payroll. Like whatever it is Doug Gilmore is doing with the Leafs. I think the Cats are trying to have a reputable football operation going but I have no clue what the distinction is between alot of their football operation positions.

Maybe if either Mr. Smith and/or Mr. McCarthy read these forums they could offer a brief outline of their responsibilities. It would be great to hear from these two gentlemen what exactly their jobs entail.

They scout and evaluate talent.

So does the coach, and GM.

Me thinks they do a little bit more than that and are more valuable than just those duties for the TiCats. A lot of their talent would be wasted otherwise.