McCarthy and Smith replaced?

Will they replace these two front office jobs or just give the workload to Obie? I sure hope we have a new player-personnel director in place soon. TSN reported the two were let go when Obie was hired but I dont remember hearing about replacements being named or speculation on who may take over these positions. McCarthy was the the Ticats' senior advisor, football operations and Smith was player-personnel director.

Dan Rambo I think is the guy.

That could be also, 2 jobs eliminated in the front office would probably cover the extra money obie makes over what MD made but I would hope they announce what is happening with those jobs, if they are being filled or if rambo and obie are splitting the duties. Tough to think they can just eliminate two front office jobs and double up rambo and obie.

Hard to replace all of McCarthy's contacts...

Between Obie and Rambo's Rolodexes, I think we're safe. :smiley:

Oski New Year,

Whatever contacts McCarthy had is irrelvent. The team desperately needed a more efficient and streamlined sytem of recruiting and evaluating talent.

The good players Mccarthy and Smith had in mind (and they did)often got lost in the morass and the politics of the last three years.

A thankless task for Mitchell but he needed to be ruthless to implement a real system. Not uncommon but great people, like Smith, have to be let go in the process.