McCants gets his chance

OK, i stuck my neck out and said that I thought McCants is the best WR on the team in a post that was out this week.
Looks like he gets to prove me right...or wrong with a start this week.
6'3" big target with loads of talent and experience.
Go McCants go!!!

I also see that Anthony Arceneaux is dressing for the game.
I liked him in pre season, and lets hope he has a nice game.

And finally Tony Tiller is backing up at corner.
I missed him being added to the roster, but he has had 8 picks in two CFL seasons, with limited opportunities to play.

Just because they're on the depth chart doesn't mean they're dressing. The depth chart includes the 4 reserve list (ie: non-active) players, who don't have to be declared until (I believe) an hour before the game.

McCants can have all the talent in the world, but if the QB can't or won't throw it to him, what difference does it make?

Does anyone know how do get urine out of corn flakes?

Go take a shower.

good observation,and some new material to boot.

Just trying to help you out :smiley:


Another good thread ruined by the anti-Maas crew…

Try saying the thread title 3 times fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm looking forward to seeing what McCants can do. I sure hope he proves you right.


Dare I say I told ya so?.. well not YOU personally.. but I told SOMEONE!!


Mccants will due good if he gets the ball thrown his way :rockin:

Yeah, if...

you're still here????????????

This type of stalwart fan never leaves.

As the boys at Sherman and Barton say,


Lets hope Jason plays the great game he is capable of and perhaps McCants will be one of his "go to" guys.

I really hope McCants does well tonight, but I'd also like to see Bauman get more tosses his way

He was pretty much invisible tonight as it turned out.

Was he injured at any point?

Oski Wee Wee,

Yup. One catch for seven yards. I only saw one other pass to him.

Maas doesn't have the arm to highlight receivers. He's a bit of a grey area...not the arm of a pocket passer and yet not enough scramble ability to make things happen.

Again, the nub of it. LOL

He’s like Chad Pennington with a bit more loft in his mortar.

It means he has little of an intermediate game because he can’t put balls 15-25 yards on a flat plane consistently enough for receivers to catch on the dead run to produce at the level required for an elite CFL OR NFL QB.

He can’t hit guys on crossing routes on the dead run unless they are inside 10 yards of the line of scrimmage…no slant gains with big YAC yardage…even Danny Mac was able to light it up to Yeast and Flick in his last year with the Cats with those kinds of throws.

Sorry to say it, but there’s a kid with more gas in his arm at the bench. Make that two, actually.

Oski Wee Wee,