McCallum's last second 53 yarder was bigger than we realize!

[b]I'm pretty sure my calculations are correct. Last weekend's results were bigger than I realized. And McCallum's 53 yard game winner in B.C. Place back on Octoberr 08 was simply HUGE! If the Lions beat Hamilton this weekend they will be playing the Esks in B.C. Place on October 29 not only for 1st place but for the bye into the Western Final which would be hosted in B.C. Place. Here's why:

A lions' win against Hamilton and against Edmonton on the 29th and the Lions end up with 22 points. The most Edmonton could finish with is 22 points if they lose to the Lions.
Calgary having lost to the Lions over a week ago thanks to McCallum's 53 yard field goal in the last play of the game means the best Calgary could get is 22 points.

Here's the clincher- The Lions have won both of their series against the Esks and Calgary! Buono could not have asked for a better script. :thup:[/b]

You are correct.Even if we lose to hamilton and win the last two weeks the results will be the same. Right now I'm more concern with our injuries.With Arakgi injury, I hope Harris x ray review nothing serious. I just hope the rest of team can get to the end of the season without any major injuries going into the playoffs. The bye wouldn't hurt. (If they can get it)

What happened to Harris? I thought he was okay after scoring that hairline along the sidelines TD.

Sorry beagle I meant to say Tim Brown not Harris has a rib injury. Arakgi is likely done but you never know with an ankle fracture.
March and Gore are day to day with a concussion. And of course with Elimiminin is iffy for Hamilton.

Got this off theNews1130Sports NO fractures for Tim Brown and Jason Arakgi but both are questionable for Sat game in Hamilton Lions special Arakgi has either an ankle sprain or torn ligaments. Will know more after swelling goes down. Lions will know more about injuries to Solomon Elimimian and Shawn Gore after practise today.
Dante Marsh doesn't have concussion - just a sore neck....he will play vs Ticats.

Good reasoning, beaglehound. But too much can happen between now and after the Montreal game. Lets just go into Ivor Wynne and keep the ball rolling, keep playing clean games without too many turnovers or penalties and keep getting off to a good start.

The 'Cats will be without Terry Grant, who has been shredding opposition defences on the ground this month., so they might have a ringer we've never seen any film on carrying the rock. We could get injury troubles, like the four we lost in the Saskatchewan game. Or Calgary and Edmonton could get hot while we crap the bed for a week or two. You just never know until it is mathematically decided. Calgary looks discombobulated lately, with Burris getting pulled three weeks straight. And did anyone else think Drew Tate really stepped in and played well in the second half of their game last week against the Steeltown 'Cat?

I hate to say it, given the remarkable turnaround of this season, but I am a bit nervous about this upcoming game in Hamilton. Not so much about the Tiger Cats, I think we are a much better all around team than them. Its more the fact that winning streaks eventually end and we might be without all, or some, of the above: Dante Marsh, Shawn Gore, Jason Arakgi and Tim Brown. Of the four, the concussions to Marsh and Gore seems the most critical. Hopefully replacing Dante at short side corner with Jerome Dennis isn't too much of a drop off. We'll miss Gore on offence if he has to be a out a while, but it is at least four weeks until the first playoff games. And we have Marco Ianuzzi and a healthy Paris Jackson itching to see more game time. Brown has been average at punt returns but has busted some decent kickoff returns and had a few good runs inside in recent weeks. Arakgi is a gamer on the cover teams and it is always harder to replace the good Canadian guys, so losing him with a hairline fracture of his ankle for any time is sort of a reverse ratio buster. But on the other hand, the Lions kickoff coverage has been les than great for several game now, so finding another Canadian special teamer doesn't seem too too tough for the likes of Shivers and Buono. This year we are really doing it offensively by committee, which makes it impossible for opposition coordinators to throw a blanket over one or two players.

Whatever happens in Steeltown, lets pack the joint on October 29th. If we play well for the next two weeks the Nov. 5th game against the Alouettes might even be a mean-nothing game. if Calgary and/or Edmonton crap the bed this week we could wrap up the West on Oct 29, so let's pack the place that night too and show the league what the 13th man really means!

What a year to be a Lions fan, eh boys!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Well stated Dooger. I'm hoping Glenn is off his game. When he is he tends to be really off. :thup:

Thanks for the update. Typical Province paper. Can’t get their facts straight. Should have known better…lol

Well Beagle, the way i look at it. The D been playing great. It doesn't matter if Glen is on his game or not.

Yes, they have been playing great lions40…“have” been. Don’t forget that Calgary scored 31 points on B.C. a couple of weeks ago. At times it seemed they could score whenever they felt like turning up the heat.

When the Lions played Saskatchewan last week the game was not in the bag until late in the game after Harris scored our second TD. Saskatchewan led for most of the game albeit on just field goals but we were not exactly wracking up points in the TD department. Our DBs are good but they can get burned. We also have some injuries in the receiving corp. What I’m saying is that if Glenn is on his game like he was against Montreal last week it could take just one or two key plays to mess up the Lions’ phenomenal win streak. All Glenn has to do is keep it close. A win against Hamilton is not a sure thing. I just don’t want to see any of our front D linesmen getting any brain cramps. I sure wish Solomon were back in the game.

BC is a well oiled machine, and the class of the league IMO and are my second fav team. (Cats being my first)

That being said, I'm hoping the Cats beat BC this weekend, yet wish for the Lions to win the following two to take the West, make the bye, and get to the GC at BC Place.
That would cap off a Cinderella story for the Lions in their own home, except that Hamilton is going to pull off the underdog upset of the year by mauling BC in the final. :wink:

hey, a man can dream can't he? :stuck_out_tongue:

My take is Eliminian will be ready for the first place showdown the following game in Van. against the Evil Empire; in the mean time the Lions have added Jordan Linnen (Special Teams) as a possible fill in for Araki.

It’s only Wednesday. :frowning: Three more sleeps. Oh what to do what to do?

Right now I can think of nothing that I’ve anticipated more than the game against Hamilton on Saturday. If my calculations are correct, Hamilton is hoping it can still catch Winnipeg for home field advantage in the semi-final [assuming Winnipeg doesn’t take 1st.
This gives a lot of incentive for Hamilton to win on Saturday.

A Lions win on Saturday and they extend their win streak to 9 straight games and would make the atmosphere at B.C. Place on October 29 nuclear!

I don’t know if backer@oldclarke’s heart could take it. This will be his first time in the new digs and that alone is enough of a heart stopper. Add this to the fact that he loves his Edmonton Eskies but is partial to the Lions and the fact the Lions will have a bye into the final if they win, it will be a like the Grey Cup. I would not be surprised if the Lions draw 50,000+ again. :thup:

Man this is exciting stuff. We just got our playoff tickets. I am sssssoooo hoping it is for the Western Final! :thup:

The new digs experience will have to wait as court/legal/family issues have come up since late August. It sucks :frowning:

Sorry to hear you won't be able to make it to the game @oldclarke. :frowning: Hope you'll be able to pick it up on the television.

We haven't won the tie breaker against Edmonton just yet. We play them 4 times this year and currently we lead the series 2-1. If Edmonton wins , it would go to the next tie breaker , which is point differential between the 2 clubs. Right now , we own the advantage at +28

Yea this Saturday will be a big game.

It seemed like, i can't remember which season, it almost seemed like we weren't gonna lose a game (2004?). I'm pretty sure that streat hit like 12 games, so i'm pretty sure we can do this. We just have to go out and play on Saturday and try to win, worry about the other games after as the cliche will tell you.

Lookin forward to the game tomorrow, go BC!

That was in 2005 when the Lions opened the season with 11 straight wins. The record is 12 in a row; The 1948 Calgary Stampeders won the Grey Cup going undefeated, so one could say 13-0.......12 game season in those days.

Wow that is bigger than I thought. I remember that stat from watching back in 2005 when you said that. The 2nd season of my current BC Lions jersey, the old Black ones but the first year with Reebok. That is awesome, so we could tie the 2005 Lions. That's impressive.

You’re absolutely right jmc24! Thanks. Nuts! Let’s hope the Lions take out Hamilton tomorrow. Cause if Edmonton wins its game against Toronto tonight then a win against the Lions on October 29 by more than 28 points and Edmonton is assured of 1st place.

With a win tomorrow the Lions could still afford to lose against the Esks at home provided it is by less than 28 points and the Lions beat Montreal and the Esks lose against Saskatchewan in the last week.

jmc24~ If you have time check out my calculations and tell me if I’m right. :thup: