McCallum's game winning field goal against SSK

A question everyone....

Re: Lions vs SSK Sept 22/13

The Lions took the ball down to the SSK 35 yard line with just 11 seconds remaining. It was 1st and 10. Why didn't the Lions opt to kick a field goal on 1st and 10? If the snap was botched or the placement was botched they would still have had time to try again. Instead they used the down so DeMarco could get the ball more into the centre between the hash marks. That makes sense but the 1st option makes more sense.

Any thoughts?

Dooger, Gridiron, others? I'd be very interested in reading your opinions. :thup:

Yeah if the snap or the hold is bad they get another shot at it on 1st and 10 but if the hold is good and McCallum misses because he’s not comfortable making the kick from the left hash we don’t get a second chance. I think it was the safer option trying to center the ball.

My only concern was ball security on that last first down. My stomach was in knots praying that the ball wasn't fumbled. Once the ball was downed and McCallum took the field I was 100% confident we were winning the game.

Yep, mine was in knots too cause I've seen DeMarco fumble on short yardage plays. I saved the last minute and 46 seconds of the game for my wife so she can see it when she returns. Whenever I watch it I remember how my heart sank after Dressler caught that ball in the end zone. Though there were still 38 seconds remaining I wasn't optimistic with an inexperienced QB at the helm. It's interesting that Benevides didn't put Pierce back in at that point. Iannuzzi's run back after the SSK was sensational and I perked up again. Then when it was 3rd and 10 I figured all that was left was the celebrating for SSK. Man that was an exciting finish. :rockin:

I was rather surprised with McCallum's "display" near the end of the game. It appears that on video he had asked Benevides for the chance to try a 57 yard FG when they were faced with 3rd and 10 and only seconds left on the clock. It looks like Benevides declined McCallum's overture and McCallum looked visibly ticked. I know McCallum kicked a 62 yard FG against Edmonton some years ago but that was wind assisted. I don't know how much of a factor the wind would have been in SSK. I know in B.C. he kicked a 53 yard FG [no wind factor] but the ball barely cleared the uprights.

Maybe McCallum had a chance but I think 57 yards would have been stretching it. Regardless, he got to kick the 42 yard FG. He also got a little sweet revenge for the way some SSK treated him after missing a crucial overtime 18 yard attempt in a 2004 playoff game. I'm sure some fans still have not forgotten. Ironically, it was against the Lions!

I can't say enough about DeMarco and those two near the sideline precision passes he made to keep the Lions alive during the final play sequence preceding the FG. Receivers Gore and Taylor made sensational catches. It is too bad all of this did not take place in B.C. Place but these guys will have their chance again on October 04. A win for the Lions against Winnipeg and another loss for SSK will make things very very interesting in the Lions bid for 1st place!
Can hardly wait for October 04!