How do you guys feel about McCallum? He let’s you down in 2004… He’s having the game of his life at this years Grey Cup. I HATE him. Why was he not better than this before. Why is he not awful tonight! I am an Als fan. If I lived close to McCallum, I would drive to his home and dump manure and throw eggs. He STILL lives in Saskatchewan. Please egg his house for me.

I couldnt care less...

People dwell on this stuff WAY too much.....

(Or go throw $100 bills from me. And roses and candy. Love the guy)

I agree...

Like I said in a thread last year. Mccallum's leg strength had dropped somewhat over the years. One thing that The Riders could always count on Mcallum doing was kicking the ball out of bounds at the 5 yard line. He was very accurate on his punting although he started to lose some distance. field goal kicking was very good (except for that miss in 2004 which stuck with him for the 2005 season). He left because Shivers wanted him to take a 30% paycut and Paul decided to sign somewhere else for better money. I would too. (that what free agency is about).

As far as his performance tonight goes. Good for Him. I am glad he had a career night in the 2006 Grey cup. Hopefully the guy still has a few good years left in him.

As far as the Manure comment goes. well it just pisses me off to no end that this comment keeps getting dragged up. Give it a rest already.

smegma you're an azz and your post should be deleated. McCallum is a class individual well deserving of a ring............and if i may add another ex-Rider also got what he desered ,Nelon Greene

It was a big mistake for the Riders to get rid of McCallum for one missed kick, I have always said it was mistake in letting him sign elsewhere. Even if his leg strength is down a bit, he is still better than Congi. McCallum's punting is also very accurate, he sometimes sacrifices distance to pin a team deep in its own zone. He did that a couple of times yesterday. We definitely should have kept McCallum here, with the year that he had and what he did in the playoffs speaks for itself.

sambo, I don’t think the Riders got rid of McCallum for one missed kick. I believe they let him go because he lost his confidence here the year following that kick, and the team and many of the fans also lost confidence in him…it’s extremely difficult to succeed under those conditions in professional sport.

I still like McCallum.

It has nothing to do with the riders being pissed off at him for the west final 2004. Should he have made it? Your damn right he should have. He knows it too. I like Paul McCallum, hes a great guy. It was better for Paul that he left. He had no confidence, and at every rider game somebody was booing him, regardless of how good of a game he had.

Right Rider Nation? Everyone who goes to all the games knows what im talking about. There wasnt one game following that kick that i recall not hearing someone downgrade him for that kick.

Personally I like Congi as a field goal kicker. He tied for the best kicking average in the league this year and his average field goal was the longest of any kicker (5 more yards than McCallum). He is also a rookie and has more upside. Of course I like McCallum better as a punter, Congi still has a long ways to go in that department and I for one believe he should be only a field goal kicker.

As far as the game on Sunday I'm happy for McCallum and he played a great game, including a beautiful coffin corner punt.

McCallum's performance on Grey Cup Sunday was his opportunity to "Exorcise" his demons from the past! At least now, when someone rags on him, he can respond "What's this on my finger? Looks like a Grey Cup ring to me!Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!"

COngi's a good kicker, without a doubt

Good post!

I thought McCallum handled TV question really well when asked about the Saskatchewan fans. He never brought up the negatives, and responded that he still had many friends there.

Congi will do good for you guys. He's only got 1 season under his belt.

I agree with you, but for whatever reason Shivers and Barrett lost confidence in him, and he lost confidence in himself. If B&S(BS,what else is new :roll: ), had shown that they still were behind him publically AND privately , he might still be a Rider. It came to a point where he had no choice but move on. Im geniunely happy for him, and the success that he has had in BC. No one deserves it more than Paul, he was the main reason I was cheering for BC in the GC game.

I hate him too.I think he threw that game lol so he could get with bc.Glad He's gone :rockin: