....Radio station in Van. is reporting Paul McCallum has signed with the Lions....anyone else hear same....didn't think he would leave Sask......just shows to go ya....the lions must have released o' Mahoney....

After spending 12 years in Saskatchewan, it seems Paul McCallum is heading West.

Mojo Radio 730 in Vancover is reporting that McCallum has agreed to terms with the B.C. Lions.

McCallum who came under fire for missing a possible winning field goal in the 2004 West Division final against the Lions is expected to take over the kicking duties from current Lion Duncan O`Mahony who struggled in 2005 hitting only 61.9% of his field goal attempts.

The B.C. native McCallum hit 31 out of 42 field goals in 2005 with his longest being 53 yards. He also took 111 punts and had a 40.4 yard average

good luck to him, must have gotta tried of finding **** in his yard every weekend.

I may be one of only a few to hold this opinion, but I think that is not good for Sask. People were very hard on him for the 04 West final and then for how he started last season, but after the first 3 games I believe it was that he stunk up the place, he got back into form and hit most of the attempts he made. Plus, he is by far one of the most accurate punters in the league. I think Matt Kellet will be a decent replacement, and if Ryan gets cut from Green Bay we could sign him to punt and have a Regina born kicking tandem. The fans will like it if nothing else. Good luck in BC McCallum, I for one will miss you wearing Green and White. I don't blame you for moving, and I hope you do well.

Go Riders!! seems the lions have fixed one of thier 2 weaknesses from last all they need is an

Hope it comes with a raise...the one thing I remember from the stories about him having horse shit thrown on his lawn isn't the callousness of Riders fans but the shanty he lived in... 8)

I think that Paul Mccallum has been getting a lot of flack since the west final in 2004. I dont think that Mccallum was the best kicker ever to be with the Riders but he was right up there. A lot of times when the Riders need to hem another team deep in their own end it fell to Mccallum to do it and he did. How many times did you hear about Mccallum punting the ball just out of bounds inside the oppnents 20 or less because our offense stalled on another drive. I do think he has lost a little on his kicking distances over the years.

Only Mccallum knows what the true motivation is for him Leaving for BC. Reportedly the Riders asked him to take a pay cut. Maybe he was upset about the way he has been treated by the fans over the past couple of years. Who knows. Free agency is when the players shop themselves around to see who is willing to pay the most for their services and then you typically go where the best money is or where you figure you would be most comfortable playing.

If the stories are true (i still haven't heard either team confirm it yet) The only thing I can say to Paul McCallum is thanx for the years you played in the Green and White uniform. Hopefully BC gave you a better deal for your services. Good Luck

You are bang on Papa....Apparently The Riders asked him to take a pay cut and BC offered him a better deal.

I also heard Kellet might end up in Saskatchewan.

Stupid comment

Geez that was two years ago.....I would think itwould have been forgotten.

He will be missed by myself. He was becoming very accurate as a punter and consistently was putting the ball inside the 20 yard line.

I guess the Riders now have a new number 1 priority during the off-season. Looks like Kellett may be the answer.

I am curious to know what is in Wally’s head. Is there nobody that can kick in this country?

anything is better then o'mahony

I think Pau'ls done wonders for the community in and around Regina, but I think this is a good move by both. I myself though it was time for a change by the inconsistancies in the field goal kicking department, and hopefully we can get somebody who can punt more than 30 or 40 yards. Granted he was angling them out, but when we need the feild position, angling the ball out isn't going to make a difference. Anyways, he's a great guy, but I think it was time... Matt Kellet wouldn't be bad, as long as his bad eyes or whatever don't affect his playing..


Actually, he didn't live in a shanty.. He lives right beside my buddies house.. And about a block away from where I used to live. It's actually one of the best areas in the city, might wanna do your homework before making stupid comments..

could see this 1 coming. Paul was great in the community and im sorry to see him leave.

Paul McCallum has not signed with BC according to news articles. the Riders appearently asked him to take a 25% paycut. Paul stated if that is the final offer then it looks far less likely that he would be back with the Riders for 2006.

Just when the riders couldn't get any more stupid.
Who will replace Paul.
He might not be the best.However, what else is really out there.

This may be the only time ever Saskargo, but I agree with you. I think this is a bad move by a managing team that doesn't seem to want to improve our team. It almost seems like Danny and Roy are content with finding new employment next season and are not trying to fight for their jobs. I like them both, Danny more than Roy, but they have yet to resign Thurmon, they appear to be losing McCallum, they offered Corey Holmes a one year contract extension when he WANTS more. Give it to him. WHy scare away players that want to be here. Don't make the same mistake you did with Burris. This sounds strange, but take a que from the Gliebs and secure your core of guys for the long term future.

Go Riders!!

......I still hold true to a conspiracy theory that says Ol'Roy and DB are purposely driving the riders into the ground this year in order to have two sure wins with whatever club they end up with next year.....if I was a prider I would be steamed by could be forgiven for not finding FA talent right now as the pickings are slim, but not signing players already on your team last year is questionable......waiting for walk-ons in Spring Camp is a pretty damn risky way to run a ballclub.....