McCallum-The Real MVP of the Grey Cup game

First off, congrats to the Lions on their victory. They were the best team in the CFL this year, and deserved to win it all.

I would also like to send my congrats to Paul McCallum, who deserved the award as top Canadian. It was good to see him play a good game, especially after the BS that he endured after the 2004 Western Final. I always said that it was a mistake for the Riders to let McCallum go, and today I was proven to be right. McCallum is one the class acts of this league. I thought maybe he should have won the MVP award for this game as well.

I wonder what whould happen if a Canadian were to win MVP. I guess they would have to give him both awards. MVP and Top Canadian

He went 11 for 11 field goals in the playoffs and really had some good punts(especially WDF) in there too.

re-He went 11 for 11 field goals in the playoffs and really had some good punts(especially WDF) in there too.- Is this the Perrrfect time for mcCallum to retire?-- a.h t.c fan

i agree, mccallum was TRUE mvp

All his kicks in the final were relatively easy. I wouldn't have picked him for MVP. Not saying he didn't play a big part in the victory or anything. There wasn't a stand-out MVP in this game but i think Dickenson deserved it.

Ya, good for Paul! He deserves it! At least something out of this Grey Cup will go back to Regina.

I actually don't think Dickenson did anything that special, 18/29 for 184 yards passing with no td's is not that remarkable. As far as Mcccallum goes he really only hit one long field goal and made one great punt. He did do everything that was asked of him though. If he would have kicked one more field goal and broke the record I would have said give the MVP to him. I actually think B.C.'s defence as a whole should have won it, but I guess that isn't the way the MVP trophy works.

BRENT JOHNSON , won the Best Defensive Player and the best Canadian at the CFL Player Awards. :thup:

He made CFL Awards history as the only Canadian player to do that. :thup:

GEEZZZZZ , BRENT also won WARRIOR OF THE YEAR and a $45,000 truck.

He also gets the GREY CUP prize money and a GREY CUP ring.

That is what I call a career year. :o :o :o :lol:

Polling at my party had McCallum as the MVP.
But we had our caveat out there.
CANADIAN Football League or not, the voters think, "gee, we have two awards, why not give one to Dave and one to Paul", and secondly, they hesitate to give the "MVP" to kicker.
So double whammy on Paul.
But besides tying a record for field goals, his punting was outstanding.
We did have a couple of yahoos who wondered why Paul didn't get MVP and then give Cahoon the Canadian award.....hello, McFly....

EXCELLENT POINT :thup: His punting was on the money as well.


" punt , out at the MONTREAL 1 yard line "

He had a career game , and made up for 2004 big time , tonight. :thup:

There will be no FLIES around him tonight.

You gotta love it.