McCallum says Lions have asked him to "step aside"

From TSN:

It appears that the B.C. Lions are preparing for a change in kickers for the 2011 season.

In an interview with the TEAM 1040 in Vancouver, veteran Lion Paul McCallum said that he has been asked to “step aside” by the team, in favour of 25-year-old Sean Whyte for next season.

“I’m not done playing yet,” McCallum told the TEAM 1040 during the interview on Saturday. “I have to wait and see what Wally is going to do. I’ve said to Wally that I want to keep playing so he’s got some decisions to make, whether he wants me to stick around or he’s going to cut me or trade me.”

McCallum, 40, was the Lions’ nominee for Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Canadian last season. He had a strong campaign in which he made 46 of 52 field goals.

Whyte has played back-up to McCallum since joining the team in 2008, and made all six field goals he attempted in two games last season.

So if McCallum leaves the Lions who needs a kicker besides Montreal. How’s Congi’s recovery coming along? Will the Riders be making a pitch?

I dont want him lol

He is hitting his stride but for how long? He has 1 MAYBE 2 years left in him at best. If we wait too long, we'll lose Sean Whyte who is kicking all sorts of ass.
Montreal could BADLY use him and we could use some help on our O-line. It sucks to be in his situation for sure but he has to realize he is nearly done, even if he isn't done YET.

This is really old news. Wally announced this back in November but it seemed to fly under the radar, at least nationally. What he said was he plans to have Whyte be the full-time kicker, but wants McCallum to mentor him.

Here’s the thing. Whyte has paid his dues and is ready to be a full-time CFLer. Tremendous potential for both kicking duties. But how do you just kiss off your team MOP with a “lights out” field goal percentage and arguably the best directional punter in the league? A dilemma for sure. I’d love the club to carry two kickers but realistically, it’s not fair to Whyte or McCallum.

I was actually wondering if the Lions still even had Whyte just the other day. Guess this answered that for me.

Hamilton needs a kicker.
Sandro sucks, and he only place kicks.

Hamilton I can see signing him more than anyone.

I can see the Riders bringing in some Kickers to compete for the starting role while Congi recovers but they won't bring McCallum back. I am pretty sure he's already said NO!

Yeah I think the chances of McCallum going back to Saskatchewan are as good as the CFL having more income than the NFL this year.

My thoughts exactly.I think there’s going to be 3 kickers brought to TC.Sandro, McCallum and that kicker from the Calgary Dino’s who’s apparently on our neg. list.

I'd say Montreal or Hamilton. I'm pushing for Montreal because Duval needs to go.

While I certainly agree that the Als need a kicker to replace Duval, I sure can't see them trading an asset for a 40 year old; probably just sit back and wait and see if he gets released so they can sign him without having to give anything up.

And that's assuming that they'd be interested in him as opposed to bringing in someone new (and younger).

This has more to do with Sean Whyte than anything. Much like in Edmonton with Prefontaine, the team needs to have him playing now and needs to make room for him. McCallum is still a very good kicker and would look good in Montreal.

I think Hamilton will give Sandra another chance this training camp, if she fails someone else will be coming to do the job.

...this is very much the way Wally runs things in his domain, regardless of what you did for me last year, what are you going to do for me this year?....good on Paul for saying he wants to compete...

I'd hope that any good GM who cares about wining will look ahead at a player, not behind.

See I wouldn’t be suprised if Paul was back in Green and White. I don’t think he harbours any ill will towards the team. It was Shivers who didn’t sign him and he is long gone (and with Paul’s current team). I don’t want to be quoted on this but I think he still lives in Regina in the off season.

I for one would be happy to have McCallum back. Especially if Congi can’t go, which I would suspect to be the case with the injury he had.

It seems heartless in some ways but they have to start using Whyte or else lose him. Not sure though that McCallum is a mentor type guy however. He was pretty negative the last time he was asked to do this a couple of years ago. Went public with his complaints on not playing. Wally caved and reinserted him and then Whyte complained. But it makes sense for Wally to want him around in case the young guy falters. But I suspect McCallum will be released unless he quietly takes a pay cut and goes into a non official coach of kickers role.
One thing Wally hates is to have kicking games that have question marks. Tough decision. But Whyte did look great in his handful of games played and has been on the roster forever even though hes just 25. Came through the junior football ranks.
As far as residency, McCallum lives in the Lower Mainland BC and is a real estate guy. Left Regina after manure was dumped on his family’s front yard. Sensitive guy.

There's a number of teams that he could go to depending on how things pan out. I don't think you'll see teams desperate enough to trade anyone for a 40 year old kicker though, even if he came off a good season.


We don’t need another “Favrean Type” saga. One is enough. Time to retire Paul.

Paul McCallum remains a quality punter and FG kicker- he would fit in well with the Alouettes. His replacement of Duval would help the Als with the punting/ FG duties and, would help the team re the import/ NI ratio. George Blanda demonstrated that in the NFL an over 40 kicker can do the job. Bob Cameron was in his late 40's when he finally retired. The only weakness of Montreal is the kicker/ FG role. I'm sure PM would enjoy the taste of a Grey Cup and, this might likely occur with the Als. It sounds like a good match to me.