McCallum Next to Go

Team wants him to retire, but it is his choice if he wants to tryout for another team instead. Imports Richie Leone and Anthony Fera will take over the kicking duties.

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A surprise,particularly if they go with 2 Import/Int. kickers. I would understand 1 Int. K,but 2. ? I don't recall any CFL team using 2 Int. kickers.


Don't think they will keep 2 Int'l kickers on the active roster. One will go to the PR. Funnily enough, one identifies himself as a punter who can kick and the other says he's a kicker who can punt. Still, both (Leone and Fera) were really highly regarded in US college circles.

Hard to know what's going on with McCallum. Coach Tedford now denies he was asked to retire. Says McCallum left the club to take care of some 'personal matters' (read: consider his future). Maybe he was getting PO'd that the young Americans were getting more field goal attempts than he, and demanded to know what the club's plans were with him.

I think it's inevitable the club with carry on this year without PM, but it's been a hell of a career!

McCallum asked for & was granted his release. He obviously is not ready to retire just yet.

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Things are getting ugly. McCallum is saying that he did not ask for his release. He is saying that Buono gave him two choices: retire or be cut.

That is why I like it when a player leaves on his own terms.

It was only a matter of time anyway... although he had excellent direction on his punts, they seemed to be shorter and shorter every year. As for his field goal kicking, he was consistent, but clearly did not have the leg strength he once had. Time for some fresh blood!

I wish McCallum the best, but Buono generally knows what he's doing when he releases guys (the latest example being Dante Marsh who still hasn't been picked up by another club).

I really like PM, but I just can't see another team signing him to kick field goals unless they run into injury trouble.

Neat news for me to wake up to reading. Obviously Buono doesn’t think Paul’s leg will last with the new convert style. Best of luck to Paul

Putting things into perspective McCallum is 45 years old. In 5 short years he would be 50 years old!

He has slowed down and his range is not as good as it was. Will he be picked up by another CFL team? I'll be surprised if he is picked up and is a starter. The competition is stiff out there. FG kickers do more than just kick the ball through the uprights. They still need to tackle and block and be fast when things go wrong. In my opinion McCallum should have retired a couple of years ago. Can he still make a contribution in the CFL. As a back up FG kicker and for a fraction of the salary perhaps. That's about it in my opinion. Paul McCallum has had his day and was paid well. Trying to get just a little more mileage out of that old body by going to the well one more time isn't a great idea in my opinion. Buono knew that and McCallum should start facing reality. He has had a good career. It is time to hang up the cleats.

He is far from the worst kicker in the league. He will show up somewhere.

Sadly, I think you're right. There will be injuries and/or poor performances and he will probably be brought back as a band-aid solution. But his days as a go-to kicker are done. I think he needs to retire before he tarnishes his career by playing in a handful of games for one or more other teams in an emergency filler role.