McCallum extended

Looks like McCallum will once again be kicking for the Lions.
Will McCallum handle all duties again or will the lions look for a stronger legged punter with McCallum not getting any younger not having to do all duties could be helpful

Free agent punter Ricky Schmitt,formerly of the Riders, has been signed as the punter and for kickoffs.


To be honest I thought this guy was finished a couple of years ago and then he surprised me. Does he have anything left in that kicking leg? Maybe he's one of those guys who gets better with age. Passaglia was like that.

Is this guy Schmitt any good?

WoW very nice signing. Now it begins to make sense why Milo stayed in Regina he probably got a nice healthy raise. Acquiring the Aussie from Hamilton. In doing so leaving Schmidt open to make more $$$ elsewhere. BC made it happen and ScHmidt has proven to be a huge asset to the kicking game for the riders and will do the same in BC.
The Riders have also signed the young Cameron another puntng specialist. I would suspect that if he does well he will be kept by the Riders either on the PR or 9 game IR as I belive bartel will be a Free agent after the 2014 season.

Well that answers my question. :thup: