McCain foods NFL sponsor

Noticing McCain's is a big NFL sponsor. Too bad they don't sponsor the CFL along with being an NFL sponsor. Oh well. :cry:


I would think that if a CFL team was out in the Maritimes that they would quickly jump on board!

One more reason for the CFL to be Coast to Coast!

For sure. The good thing is the McCain operation likes football it seems so this is a step in the right direction!!

Dear Mr. McCain,
Can you spare a few Million dollars for a Stadium in Halifax?

Would be nice to see that happen!

Ms. McCain :slight_smile:

Ok, let's all buy McCain stuff with the provision that the extra profits we earn for the company coming from CFL fans they put towards a stadium/team for out east. Come on McCain! :wink:

Besides a few million dollars to the McCain familly is small potatos!

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I know, Im bad!

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Nice Sporty!

Oh my God. I saw McCain and automatically assumed you guys were referring to John McCain. :lol:

Thought it was a little odd that he'd be sponsoring football...