Mcallum or Burris

Who would you rather have return to Saskatchewan Paul Mcallum or Henry Burris
I say Mcallum

There is a santa
hell can freeze over
The Beatles will reunite
Keith Richards has never used drugs
Adam and Eve were cross dressers who hated fruit.

These are all more likely…

Neither would want back , regardless if you do.

I don't want either back just a hypothetical question

you want McCallum back to dump more manure on his lawn?

ya…he’d for sure come back for that…

and henry?

oh for sure…in a heartbeat he’d come back…just for the derision.

I already sai it's HYPOTHETICAL don't just hate on people

not hating…its your question. why ask if you don’t want responses. I mean what kind of answer could you expect. you pick two players who would never, ever, return . for good reason.

Sure, but there are responses that are respectful and others that are less so …

True enough i guess legal.
i guess i took the question as somewhat disrespectful. To pick 2 players, with the underlying assumption seemingly prevalent in Regina that its so enjoyable to play there, who would never return for good reason. It seems so arrogant to even ask the question.

You may be right as well. I guess I just don't see how stooping to their level helps - taking the high road looks better on the fan base :slight_smile:.

Giving the OP the benefit of the doubt (i.e. I will presume she/he meant no disrespect), I should give my opinion on the question. Personally, I would answer "neither" as well, not because either are not good players but because of a weighing of the alternatives (i.e. our current players in their positions) and considering their cost and age (all of Congi, Edwards and Durant are younger). We are winning with the group we have and it is not in either the kicking or qb position where we particularly need upgrading.

If I had to choose though, I would say McCallum, simply because he is Cdn and could replace two players, opening up a roster spot for some other position.

is there a 3rd or 4th choice??


It's apparently true about Henry :wink: :smiley:

I could see McCallum returning at some point down the road perhaps if he goes into the Rider plaza, but I don't think either will return as players.

If a Rider fan wants to ask a question to Rider fans on the Rider site who are you to decide if it’s a good question or not? :?

I think McCallum would be the one I would prefer... a season to erase the bad memories of the idiotic fans who went overboard.. letting him sign elsewhere was the worst decision Roy made personnel wise.

I think Shivers did the right thing. same as Andy Reid in Philly with McNabbb. You have a long standing performer, a trusted employee, mistreated by the fans and he allows him and their family to escape if they want. Enough.
I thought it was a classy move and let the penalty fall on the perpetrators.
This is life not slavery.Youre saying you wouldn’t LET him leave after what happened? Tell that to your family.
Lets not let some weird definition of fandom overrule decency.

If I had to pick between those two I would choose McCallum. Why downgrade the QB position?

Slavery concerns aside..... Having one non-import performing all kicking duties would allow an extra import for return and cover teams.

Those fans were very much in the minority… IMO, a lot fans would have liked to see McCallum stay a Rider. He still lives here BTW, so most fans are over the miss, epsecially after winning the GC in 2007… it would have been sweet to see him hoist the GC in a Rider jersey… it would have been the best way to say “eff you” to those loser fans who have no life…