MBT is Fined for Scheduling Criticism

I just saw that the league fined McLeod Bethel Thompson for public comments that he made criticizing the number of short weeks his Elks have to play claiming that it is dangerous to player safety. It is a just fine or an infringement of free speech?


If anyone publicly criticizes their employer especially though the media, what do people think will happen?

As seen with the kickers who were fined there were other recouses to deal with issues.

There is a time a place to voice concerns, there are times to say nothing.


lol I see what you’re doing here

I’m feel like MBT knew he was going to be fined when he said that stuff,.


The CFL needs the money, I guess.


gonna take a lot of fines to pay that Genius bill


Oh well one week later, this goes away like a fart in the wind anyway.

The Elks don’t play again until next Sunday, 14 July, so that’s some serious time off for them for over two weeks between games.


I found this interesting because I remember David Archer many years ago making the same comments and there was no fine for him. Also, this is the 2nd time that players have been fined for comments they have made in pretty short time.


I’m okay with the league sending a clearer message on this front, for these things can get well out of hand with a process in place, though it’s most unfortunate the league has not tackled well or at all the underlying issues that are the subject of complaint.

And I point to Ambrosie again on that front asleep at the wheel to not head off certain issues that did not have to arise or escalate.

It’s another thread, but Ambrosie must go, and we’ll see where else the league remains asleep at the wheel for this season.


If the main complaint is about the schedule it won’t change regardless who’s in the commissioners chair.

You do bring up a good point with the Elks not playing again until July 14. No other football league have 3 bye weeks.

But when MBT is coming off an 0-3 start (at the time) and being heavy road underdogs coming up, he needs something to deflect the issue.


I am also wondering about the grievance process with the players association. Didn’t the kickers claim that they had issued their concerns to the league regarding the chipped balls and there was no response? Was MBT ignored too? Why didn’t the Elks discuss this weird schedule with the league? I am not sure what is right here. It certainly is not a good look for league for players to air their dirty laundry but then again, are they being treated as partners with the league?


I agree with you except on this point. Nope, a stronger commissioner not asleep at the wheel not only on a matter of a basic overview of the sensibility of a schedule for each team could present a better prospect.

Scheduling should not seem to be such a passive exercise left to a computer and the like.

Somebody had to look over the proposals and approve or perhaps rubber stamp one of them, and I doubt only the Elks have such an anomaly, but to be fair to your point, there is one team that complains more every season anyway in a nine-team league due also to dealing with an odd number.


The players do have a process to grieve with the PA. Every player has a rep who in theory should reach out to first and they should give advice what are the next steps.

It’s possible they did and chose to go through the media anyways knowing what the fine would be. It would be something that’s been agreed upon in the CBA.

As far as the schedule goes, this is nothing new and not easy to please with an odd number of teams. I guess MBT didn’t look at the schedule before returning to the CFL?


As far as I understand it, the right to free speech only extends as far as criticizing the government.

If I got on LinkedIn and started bashing my employer, how long do you think I would have a job?


Agreed. If the players violated the CBA then they should be fined. In light of that, another question looms: why would players, who do not make exorbitant amounts of money feel so strongly defiant that they would accept the fine?

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You would not have a job. Very true. As for the government part, there are cases in which free speech has been protected involving private individuals beyond government through case law. Most of that speech has been symbolic speech.


I’m guessing the fine is around a couple hundred dollars. That was the figure that came up in the kicker’s thread. Something MBT could handle I think


I fully agree with this but I have one question. How were the female employees of the CFL allowed to criticize their employer over the Chad Kelly fiasco without any punishment?

That legendary crappy schedule strikes again. :person_facepalming:

My guess is the players have punishment pre negotiated in the CBA.

Yeah the Chad Kelly criticism is more of a delicate one. I’m guessing it was addressed internally, maybe not punishment per say but they were given a chance to voice their concerns to league management… but not really sure


Where did you see this? First I heard about it. Can you provide proof or a link to support this?

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