As much as myself and most Ticat fans have complained about Porter always starting we must give the coach credit. He is a new head coach in the league and must win to make a name for himself but he has put the franchise first by trying to grow a quarterback. I'm sure we will see Glen get the starts for the rest of the year but I give him credit for giving Porter as many chances as he has.

And we all have to keep in mind that not only is Porter a rookie ( for all intents and purposes), so is Bellefeuille as a HC. He's learning too, and like Porter, can only get better.

Actually Porter got worse as the season went on, lets hope the head coach doesn't follow his example.


It's just a blip. Porter will be fine.

Good points, greycup06! One further point.

Marcel Bellefeuille has the support of
his G.M Obie and Pres. Scott Mitchell.

Steve Milton said in his article today that

'Marcel has the team on his side because he has established credibility,

because he has the obvious support of his superiors and, we'll concede,

because he has stuck to his long term plans and philosophies.'

Porter didn't get worse, other team's got better :lol:
I think he'll be alot better coming out of TC next year, or I hope so anyways.

For those who don't regularly read The Hamilton Spectator, I'm recommending Scott Radley's writing, for the second time this week:


Not sure he put the franchise first by his decision making, if he picked a 30 year old Glenn and said, we're gonna sign you to a 3 year deal because you are experienced and still young (3 years younger than Danny Mac was when he came here) and settled any QB issues early, he could have went with the traditional approach and we would have only seen Porter if Glenn faltered.

Regardless, i think he let his opinion about who he wanted in there affect our ability to win.

Sure but that's hindsight.

And keep in mind the season has 4 games left and we may yet see Porter start and play well.

Good point.
Totally agree.
Why is Glenn not considered as a long term QB when Danny Mac was?

Good Question,why isn't Glenn being considered the #1 guy long term, he has one of the hot hands in the league!


Because there is no similarity between the 2

And I thought that this was a thread congratulating me on making it to the CHML Talk Show Idol finals.

Mark (B.)

I know what you are saying about Glenn but he was told from the beginning what his role was coming in. They wanted to play Porter this season to give him the experience because the management and MB wanted this season to rebuild. Yes I know we have heard this for years now but this is Obies team and he is going to rebuild the way he wants and is letting MB make the coaching decisions