MB says NO lineup changes ???

Im hoping MB is just playing a little cat-and-mouse here ,keeping his cards close to the chest, and that hes not seriously
( and stubbornly) resisting changes. Yes, learning by playing through difficulty is commendable...if youre at a level of play where the party is still learning the game. That troubles me because a coach at CFL level should NOT be of that mindset...it might be acceptable at college level, but not here.Here, youre expected to be better EVERY week.
This is the PROS, and these guys play for KEEPS... no one cuts the other guy any slack because hes weak or new. With respect to the Tackle problem the net result will be , likely sooner than later, the long-term loss of our QB. And that MISTAKE will cost the team and fans the season... and, if it happens, should cost the coach his job - instantly. You could look at this in a broader perspective and say its also an admission of inexperience on the COACHS part ... " Im still learning too ,so Im still making mistakes. Just bear with me." For season 2... And 3 ? This may just be a tempest in a teacup and amount to nothing at all...or it could be the Iceberg heading for the Titanic. A good coaching staff would already have Plan B in effect...not Plan A Lite. Actually, a good staff would have had Plan B in action in the 2nd Half last week ! If you dont make those improvements MB, Burris and friends will eat you alive.
And the fan$$$ ain`t gonna like that !

IF we screw up like we did last week, then we're gonna call for some heads if things don't change.Lil' unfair to start pulling people especially since everybody with the exception of Thiggy played like garbage.

15: Hope I am wrong but it looks like the "Porter plan" from last year all over again.......wait for far too long before making any changes.
Sometimes sticking with a player who is not performing can be a good thing but the trick with that philosophy is knowing when to make a change. It's a gut feel.
Seems to me Marcel has this week's game with Calgary to assess things and then it's time to make his changes if necessary. If the losses start piling up early it's tough to catch up.
That goes for coaches too. I have never been happy with the play calling by Mike Gibson.

Did Marcel say that Obie is not working the phones any more?

If not, how do you know that Obie isn't making phone calls to agents
and discussing their experienced [American] tackle clients, BigKitty?

If Obie finds a good one, how many three day weeks
of practice would it take for him to get up to speed?

When Obie's great off season acquisition of a CFL
veteran American Tackle Jason Jimenez went down

Canadian OT Brian Ramsey, who started for
the Argos last year was brought in last week.

He has had 3 or 4 practices now.


Maybe we will see a tight end by Rottier's side
a little more often this week than last, relax.


Seriously, it's one game and that game is over. This will work it self out. As long as Rottier progresses at the position or somebody else is brought in with experience....stay the course is the way to go. If Rotttier gets worse or does not show improvment they may have to make changes. MB is respected within this league because he doesn't give up on players for one bad game....if a pattern develops then changes will be made....it shouldn't be because of one games performance in my opinion.

I am by no means a offensive line coach but SR did not just have a bad game against Winnipeg. He is incapable of playing the RT position at this stage in his career at the CFL level.
Makes the release of Goodspeed sting.
The offence will be in shambles unless there is a change at the RT position.

Jason Shivers better be ready, Nik Lewis is better than Terrance Edwards IMO.Unless Sandy Beveridge decides to give him some safety help it could be another long day for the Secondary.

As for Rottier starting, i think they're going with the whole "We don't want to wreck his confidence" but George is another one of those quick and talented ends that could give him some problems.

That O-line needs to be shored up (read: Rottier). I'm sorry, but the game was lost right there.

After one game we are going to give up on a guy?????? Seriously?????? Listening to this mentality is one of the failings of this organizations over the past several years. It looks to me like panic has already set in on the minds of some. I don't know if the 7 sacks can be fixed with this personnel but its hardly one guy (there were 4 sacks elsewhere which is also unacceptable)and its obvious the game plan was as much at fault as execution (something a few posters seem to be in favour of :roll: )

Whoa, whoa...hell no. At least I'm not giving up on a #1 pick. but there may have to be a reduced roll until the kinks are ironed out. No doubt that he's got potential, but the object is to win.

No panic, but I saw an okay pass-rush completely run us over. That's not to say Glenn was reading and firing all that well either.

Sorry but thats not how I was reading the general content of several posters

I'm not giving up on Rottier either, but put me in the camp of he should not being playing RT.

It's too important of a position to put a guy with now 4 CFL starts.

With that said, I still consider the first three weeks as sort of a extended pre-season.

Shivers didn't impress me last year either and still appears to be playing like an Argo.

Did anyone ever stop and think that he doesn't have any other option, who's going to play right tackle? A guy who was a back up in Toronto? The team with the worst oline in the league.

Let's hope we can play more up to our potential this week and not look like we did last week.

Rottier was not the only problem. The coaches must be confident he can make the adjustment to R.T. . With a little help from Cobb, who needs to step up in the blocking dept.

Well, the fact Rottier is still at Tackle and not Gaurd comes to be as a bit of a surprise. I also expected Sandy Bevridge to be swapped for Barker. We will see how it goes, but if Rottier lets two guys past him this game, he has to get pulled.

Anyone here know if Mann has been practicing this week? Is he expected to play this weekend? Thanks!

8) Yes, Mann has been practising this week and is expected to play on Saturday.

Excellent. Thanks 'Cat fans.