MB fined by league


You knew it was coming. Still had to be said.

Had it comming.

And had to be said. $1000 fine be damned.

A special 50/50 draw to held Saturday night with 50% going in aid of coach's fine.
The other 50% to train referee's and give them eye test's.

he shoulda said alot more then he did, IMO.

It's pathetic that the CFL head honchos are so insecure that even the most trivial of criticisms will result in a fine. Why exactly are they so fearful of having their refs exposed as incompetent? We finally get something more out of MB than the usual stuff such as "we failed to execute and we need to make more plays". Then he ends up losing a grand for it. :x

Perhaps Marcel's comments are in anticipation of a possible playoff date in Montreal in a few weeks and concern that his team may get jobbed again.

Pathetic to think that a team not only has to plan against their opponent but biased or incompetent refereeing as well.

By the way, where is the President of this team? Should he not be vocally supporting his head coach on this?

He was in the right,

Higgins has to go and so does Ireland.

The fine is total BS. Marcel was right.

I sent an email to Tom Higgins and Mark Cohon. It wasnt pretty ! :x

Send your emails to Tom and Mark and tell them what you think !


Good on MB.

He implied that the officials favor certain teams over others, he deserved the fine. It happens in many other pro sports, not just the CFL. Not a big deal, not news, and not worth getting your panties in a bunch over.

MB reinterated my thoughts exactly. Something has to be done about reprimanding professional coaches speaking to the obvious. We know Anthony is great. But, most fans also know his O-line has been holding the D for years without equitable distribution of flags. Nice to hear someone step up about it.



You've spoken with the majority of CFL fans, across the league, to know this? Or maybe, just maybe, this is Marcel's sour grapes after a loss which is 100% on him for dicking around with his starting quarterbacks?

Seems to me this is just some Hamilton fans bitter about a loss.

Naw, sour "Grapes" would be Boston knocking out the Haps and winning the Cup last year.... This coming from a Habs fan.

Marcel started off his week with Mann and AB mocking him, then he got in to the Als business office with his non story about selling tickets to post season with a smurk on his face, then his dual QB threat turned into treat, now he's got Jimenez's wife mocking him now 1000.00 fine for suggesting the refs are biased so not clean.

Hell of a week, smurk must be gone by now... :wink:

Knew it was coming and respect his going verbal. :thup:

He paid 1000.00 to say it. His perogative :lol: You tell your players to be smart with the media and do this. That's a leader :wink: He should call Nikkie Jimenez and say give me 1000.00 and " We foget ahbout it".


I’m a Habs fan, too, but we’re talking about football, not hockey. And there is absolutely no evidence to suggest the Als get away with holding or any other infraction more frequently than other teams. In fact, we were the most penalized team in the league last season!

Any time a coach questions the integrity of the officials, he’s going to get fined. It’s all in the game.

Funny, people complain about consistancy in officiating, here is something they are very consistant on. Liked the penalty Kavis Reed got on the weekend too. I've been screaming for the league to start cracking down on loud mouth coach and players.