Maypray released

Just read on the CKAC website that Tim Maypray has been released:

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He chose the move rather than be put on the practise squad

Here's the original Radio-Canada article:

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D'une certaine façon, c'est malheureux pour lui parce qu'il avait bien fait comme receveur au camp d'entraînement de 2010.

Le football est parfois cruel.

That explains why he was tweeting all day about packing up & tonight being his last night in Montreal. I was going to post about this on the forum to try and get some info on his status.

He’s very young, he should have taken the spot on the practice roster…


As they mentioned in the RC article
He spent a large part of last year being replaced by Leroy Vann, Andrew Hawkins, Diamond Ferri, Larry Taylor...
He's never been much of a returner
A better receiver maybe
For a team that isn't obsessed with giants

The stats indicate that Floyd has better stats than Maypray. I don't believe, however, that Floyd is up to par. A Canadian receiver and kick returning are the vulnerable positions that have to be addressed in 2012.

Très vrai. Et un entraîneur dédié aux unités spéciales.