Mayor Rob Ford Eats His Words (video)

Lol I made a quick little video for you guys to share so we xan rub it in while it still hurts.

Watch "Mayor Rob Ford Eats His Words - Ticats 36 Argos 24" on YouTube

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Great job Blitz.... that was funny!!!!


Thank you, Fantastic. First highlights I have seen as well. Great hl package.

Totally the highlights and the laughing baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it..

Sat 3 rows down from Mayor Ford, he saw me in my Cats gear and shook my hand.. Dudes a rockstar. The section barely paid attention to the game.

Of course there we those that did throw peanuts and beer cans at him.

Wish I could have been there. It looked like a blast! Im so happy for the team and our fans. :rockin:

Great video. lol

Great job blitz! :thup: HERE IT IS SNL ROB FORD SKIT!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!ENJOY!!!! :lol: :lol: