mayor on primetime

mayor fred on primetime sports on the fan 590 after 5pm update

did i miss it?

The mayor will be on momentarilty (it is 6:08 pm ET) as I write this) -- on Sportsnet East

Update: Lou Lamoriello is on now to discuss the Kovalchuk deal (6:13 p.m.) -- the mayor will be on after

please post a link...right now it's Blue Jays baseball talk from 6 to 7

Based on this tweet:

I'm guessing he'll be on Sportsnet East at 6:40.

Although the audio may be posted sooner here:

I doubt he'll saying anything earth shattering but then you never know from the Mayor, that's for sure. fine :thup:

X2 , JFL :slight_smile:

channel 904 on rogers airs the fan 590 live and i caught the tail end of the mayors discussion with bobcat.

the portion of PTS on sportsnet is delayed.

bobs co-host asked the mayor if he still considers the ticats a 'minority' owner, and the mayor had to laugh while he thought of a good way out of that question ( the past is the past )

i look forward to catching it from the start on sportsnet.

I'll forgive the Mayor on that one if he and his followers forgive Bob's saying "any site will do". :wink:

Which we know Bob qualified later with a fuller explanation and the Mayor can do the same. :wink:

He is still convinced the WH site is the best place.
But he did leave the door open to an inner-city area site also being possible if it has spillover effects for the downtown area.
Took a couple of backhanded swipes at Bob Young for bailing out of the EM talks and for not wanting to go to the WH.
Sounds like they will need another extension from Hostco past September 14th.

won't happen

They will have to put a site on the table for HOSTCO and tell HOSTCO it's a go, even if it might not be a true go. There will not be another extension and if they can't put a site on the table on the 14th, then maybe that is what one or both parties actually want anyways.

What I found interesting is thathe mentioned that they are currently looking at MIP and other sites.

This guy can't be trusted.

My thought exactly.

I think more time will be available if there is confidence that they'll get to an agreement. I don't know if there's any other entity able to put on PanAm soccer that also has $45M to put on the table.

We are so screwed - say hello to a new stadium in Toronto.

no chance of more time guys. Either there is some sort of agreement this week or its goodbye stadium

Agreed, the poeple of Hamilton should boot his rear end out at election time for the way he ccompletely botched the stadium and the overall horendous treatment of caretaker Bob.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out you loser.