Mayor of Toronto pulls no punches on funding for NFL stadium

No city money for NFL stadium: Mayor


Mayor David Miller said today the city will absolutely not help fund the building or renovating of a stadium to accommodate an NFL team.

Larry Tanenbaum and Ted Rogers said Tuesday they are interested in bringing the NFL north of the border, but the Rogers Centre isn't widely considered to be an NFL-calibre stadium.

Miller’s answer to the city being part of getting an NFL stadium was a simple: “No.?

The mayor said he wouldn’t turn down a discussion with Tanenbaum, the chair of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd., and Rogers, the CEO of Rogers Communications Inc. But he says that’s as far as he’d go.

“My understanding is the NFL doesn’t seem overly interested in expanding into Canada,? Miller said.

[b]Miller said his concern is the viability of the CFL, and the Toronto Argonauts have to be a flagship franchise in that league for it to succeed.

“As long as the NFL comes here in a way that supports the CFL, great,? Miller said. “But the CFL’s health is important to the whole country.? [/b]

As I have already written before , only half of THE STAR is talking the NFL to Toronto story , seriously. :thup:

Even The SUN is saying that it will not happen. :thup:

Even another article in The STAR makes fun of this story. :lol:

I know who to vote for in the next election , now. :thup:

THANKS for this article! :thup:

I think The STAR's story has actually back fired. :lol:
Some people in the media are actually laughing at it. :lol:

Remember the " WHITE JAYS " story in The STAR? :lol:

This also remains me of , THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF , story :lol:

No problem hello. And then there is this from the new NFL commish Roger Goodall:

"He doesn't anticipate the NFL expanding beyond 32 teams in the near future. But Goodell, who has been the league's point man in trying to get a franchise back in Los Angeles, said putting an expansion team in southern California could be the exception."

And what is really revealing is that Sportsnet isn't running anything on this from what I've seen on the web site. This tells me a lot.

I think that TED ROGERS and GODFREY are making fools of themselves. :lol:

Maybe they should worry about THE JAYS making money and not losing $5 million a year. :thdn:

TED ROGERS also said that he doesn't have 1 billion dollars for a NFL team.

NFL expantion rules state that only individuals can own NFL teams and NOT corporations or groups. :thup:

The only thing I might say, and I've never met the man, is that Larry Tanenbaum may be one heck of a fighter, and he has a lot more cash and clout with his construction biz than say someone like Godfrey who can say alot but doesn't bring to the table what a Larry Tanenbaum can bring.

However , the NFL has to want and need Toronto to come here. :thup:

Don't you think that if the NFL wanted to be in Toronto they would be chasing US and/or would already be here? :wink:

The support for the NFL is just not there , in the T.V. ratings , the lack of support for other pro teams in CANADA and attendence at those NFL ex-games. :thup:

The NFL looks at all of those factors.
They didn't become the most over rated/richest N.A. sports league by being stupid. :lol:

the media might try and make the major look like the devil, but don't buy it Toronto, and keep voting for him, he is a smart guy! :thup:

good...nice to read someone in toronto has brains.

so that's it for an NFL team in TO this team around, I wonder who the next group to try for an NFL team for TO will be? I guess I'll just have to wait for another month.

I like this new mayor of Toronto. I was really pissed off when I read that maroons are STILL trying to bring the NFL to Toronto. Give it a rest already - you've got a perfectly good football team there ALREADY, and a perfectly good football league there ALREADY. Props to that mayor for re-iterating that, because apparently it was needed!

I will say one thing in Ted Rogers and Larry Tanenbaums defence which is if they don't try and go after an NFL franchise, and both of these guys are the top sports business people in Toronto with the Leafs, Jays and Raptors under their belt, then someone or some other group might, and they do not want that to happen obviously. So really, they might not have any other choice but to try and be the front runners from the start on this.

OK, fair enough that they want to be the frontrunners in this race, but I don't think there's any finish line ...

Becase they are just, in the end, like NASCAR, running in circles, when no meaning or end!

Mayor Miller won't support giving any money to anything that doesn't involve a special interest

Miller's A Complete Idiot, Everything He's Done So Far Since He Got I Office Has Hurt The City And By Failing To Invest In Infrastructure And Instead Wasting Money On Taffic Lights And Speed Bumps He's Begining To Put The City Into Dept. However That Comment He Made About The nFL Is Bang On And Its About Time That He's Done Something Right.

As For Godfree And Rodgers, If They Love The States For Gods Shaake Would They Just Go Live Down There. I'm Getting Sick Of Hearing About Their Demented Vision To Distroy 140 Years Of Tradition For A 40 Year Old Flavour Of The Week.

They only care about themselves and their pocket book. These clowns are not true Canadians.
As for Miller this is the first time he has made sense.

Vote Miller!

And Glen Suitor is up to his old tricks again!

He just had a brief rant about another penalty call and is still going on about the unnecessary roughness rule.