Mayor Ford Challenging Bratina!!

Wearing a Argo Jersey Teflon Rob Ford " Like to talk to Major Bratina on how the Argos are going to SPANK the Ticats , :lol: :thdn: this guy is unbelievable !!

i can't find an article on this topic, but i found a picture:

Deflecting attention, a classic PR technique. "Mayor Ford's deflection tip drill".

I think a lot of people think Mayor Ford needs the spanking and that includes a certain portion of Argo fans me thinks. :slight_smile:

"Okay Rob, I talked to Milanovich and you are in to replace Kackert" :wink: :wink:


We should have an alternate chant (although "Argos Suck!" really says it all) along the lines of "Rob Ford's your mayor!"

Any suggestions?

Mayor Ford is an idiot. I hope Bratina doesn't giver him the time of day. :thdn:

The Argos have had enough of him.
Toronto Argonauts distance themselves from jersey-clad Mayor Rob Ford

What a train wreck this guy is.

I give the Argos credit for that response to the despicable comments of Ford this morning while wearing the Argos jersey. If the Mayors have made some sort of bet on the game I as a Ti-Cats fan who finds Ford to be a reprehensible individual hopes that nothing in that bet will involve Ford wearing a Ti-Cats jersey after we win on Sunday. That would be a disgrace to the great history of this organization.

Rob Ford sucks
Leafs suck
Jays suck
Raptors suck
TFC sucks
And most of all

THE ARGOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

The Argos are stupid for going against the mayor, any publicity is great for them. Having Ford wear the jersey wont hurt them at all but gives them a ton of press.

That is certainly a "TON" of something

I watched the media scrum on CP24 and couldn't believe his words once again but I'm going to call Mayor Britania of Hamilton, not Bratina come on get his name right, and to top it off "SPANK" the Tiger-Cats on Sunday wearing his number 12 Argo's jersey, this guy is nuts!!

The Argos HAD TO denounce the mayor - otherwise they would be betraying any of their fans who have any sort of morals. This is what the mayor said while wearing an Argos jersey.
'Oh, and the last thing was Olivia Gondek. It says I wanted to eat her pussy and I have never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home.'
(And the words that got ***** above is a slang for a cat)
How embarrassing for the entire league that he was wearing a CFL jersey when making a disgraceful comment like that to the World Media. It's been on CNN, Fox News etc.

How is that embarrassing for the league? I personally found it hilarious, the guy has done some stupid things but getting your jersey all over the world is what it is...

I hope you are kidding. It was a misogynistic disgusting remark to make - and NO all publicity is NOT good publicity. Headlines all over the world were that the press was 'stunned' by the gutter language of the mayor. Do you think soccer teams whose fans made headlines around the world for chanting racist remarks at black players were happy for the pictures around the world of their jersey being associated with racist taunts. Argos did not want to have anything to do with this misogynist buffoon and rightly so. Hopefully the Argos continue this high road and like the Santa Claus parade organizers request the mayor not show up at the football game Sunday.

I'm surprised they actually found a shirt that would fit him!!! :lol:
Heart Attack Waiting to Happen!!!!Guy is a Human Parade Float!!!F-ing Joke :stuck_out_tongue: :oops: :thdn: :thdn: :oops: :thdn: :thdn: :oops: :thdn: :thdn: :oops: Way to go Toronto....good call electing this CRACKER as Mayor!!!

your going to say that was like a racial statement...
I'm not saying he should of said that but I hardly think that's the worst thing people have ever heard.