Mayor Ford, Bah Humbug

Man to think, I voted for this guy and I liked his politics.
What a complete turncoat and he even showed up at the last Argo game after winning the race.

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The NFL in Toronto thing just won't go away. I don't think the NFL has any interest in putting a team there. I'm think L.A. And Mexico city are higher on the list then Toronto. I'm hoping when the bills thing is done this whole Toronto NFL thing will fade out. But only time will tell

This is the last guy you would have thought would be fanning the flames.
I am glad how at least that NFL lover Steve Simmons sees the reality.

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It's really sad... I don't know what people on Toronto feel about tradition and history... But they have Argos that are the oldest football team in north America. Got that from a jones bottle. Why keep knocking on someones door that doesn't want you around. When the fords coach in Toronto, do they even mention the Argos. The second article was a dose of reality the people of Toronto need to take. Nice job with the posting Argot

I love the whole NFL-World class connection

“To be a world class city, at least a North American world class city, we need an NFL team,? Doug Ford, the Mayor’s brother and right-hand man told Sun Media.
The Fords think that an NFL team makes a city world class. Does that mean that Cleveland is world class but LA isn't? :roll:

Im not convinced Toronto could sell out 9 games a year... They have trouble selling out the bills and that twice a year.where would the stadium be built? They would definately have to charge less for tickets. I can't think of any Canadian billionaires(other then Ted turner) who have publicly expressed interest in a NFL franchise in Canada. I do recall the one dragon from Calgary Brett wilson saying he wants to put a team in toon town. Not sure if he is a billionair though. I think the comishioner was hoping he would maybe later bid for a team in the east. Wow, I'm an a.d.d poster today. Can't stat focussed. Anyways... Ford... Your not an American. You want to be one... Move to Michigan

...isn't this the guy Don Cherry backed for the mayors seat.....Shows you where these guys are coming from... :thdn: ....So Ford on your way to the Excited States...take Cherry with you...we won't miss you :thdn:

Come on guys, who are we to rain of Toronto's fantasy?
I mean after all, wouldn't you want to compete against other "North American World Class Cities" of Cleveland, Green Bay, Jacksonville and Buffalo?

Toronto has got to be the most insecure city in North America. What kind of losers actually think having a football team has anything to do with how people from elsewhere see that city? Anyways, Toronto will never get an NFL team anytime soon. Simmons hit the nail on the head. It's bad enough when, even he can make a reasonable argument.

Simmons was right on about the cost but one thing he didn't mention is the ownership rule in the NFL - no corporations. Who exactly in Canada has a $1 billion to buy a team? And who has another $1 billion to build a stadium?

In addition, you can't own teams in other professional leagues.
At the very minimum it will cost 2billion dollars to get an NFL team in Toronto (That's nearly 2 G20/G8 Summits)
But most NFL "boosters" in Toronto are literally clueless sheep who believe whatever.

The ironic thing here, is that Toronto has given up hope of ever getting an NHL team so now they resort to a NFL team :lol:
How many losers can one city handle? The argos were the only winning team in Toronto last year.

I didn't like the last Mayor Miller his politics were out to lunch, but at least the man said he was a full CFL fan first and did not want the NFL.
Good on Miller while Ford is nuts.

Yeah... kinda sounds a little odd...