Mayor Bob?

Wow! :smiley:

Bob Young to run for Mayor of Hamilton

[i]Some surprising news from the owner of the Tiger-Cats.

Bob Young has announced that he intends run for Mayor of Hamilton in this fall's municipal election.

Young's campaign "Redeveloping Hamilton, 110 Yards at a Time" includes a plan to lower the taxes of all Ticats season seat holders and to erect a 20-foot statue of Bob O’Billovich in front of City Hall.

He's chosen this, April 1st, to make the announcement.[/i]

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Great. Now he has to support Rheem for the betterment of the city.

Don't look now.... but are we being April Fooled??

:lol: If only it was the Truth ... Bob Could fix Hamilton Like he did our Ticats..

Almost had me… Almost…

Either the discrepency from his current income will be shocking, or property taxes are going up substantially.