Mayhem at McMahon

i found this artical pretty funny.
Thu, November 8, 2007

Mayhem at McMahon
UPDATED: 2007-11-08 02:32:16 MST


Days before the Calgary Stampeders are to face elimination in Saskatchewan, two coaches who are paid to limit distractions caused two big ones yesterday.

First, head coach Tom Higgins shocked half his squad by informing defensive leader Brian Clark he'd be a healthy scratch and wouldn't be making the trip to Regina for Sunday's game.

Then offensive line coach Kris Sweet embarrassed himself, the organization and the team's star running back with a profanity-laced hissy-fit that had several players openly mocking him afterwards.

The first move with Clark had several defensive players quietly shaking their heads, stunned such an integral part of the club will sit for ratio reasons.

The second will have the rest of the league shaking its head that someone so shockingly combustible is employed by it.

With more than a dozen reporters in the locker-room following yesterday's practice, Sweet charged towards Joffrey Reynolds who was chatting with a reporter. Clearly irate Reynolds was apparently late for a meeting, Sweet grabbed the star like he was a five-year-old and followed him out of the room while yelling and swearing repeatedly at the innocent scribe. After stumbling on a box, Sweet picked it up and threw it as he continued screaming about "trying to do their effing job." This is the same coach who, shockingly, was hospitalized for a panic attack after a loss in Hamilton.

"What's going on around here?" said one player, shaking his head at the ridiculousness that has enveloped the team at the worst possible time.

Having lost six of their last seven games and with information continuing to leak out about the deal ownership has struck to make John Hufnagel the team's head coach at season's end, the last thing an organization on the verge of imploding needed was someone to wig out like that.

With no choice but to dismiss talk of his imminent demise, Higgins also reacted poorly when asked about the benching of Clark, who was essentially turned into a water boy during practice.

"That's not determined yet and if any guessing on our personnel were to come on out I'd be very tempted to make sure and use the CFL rules and regulations and make sure practice is closed," said Higgins, sounding an awful lot like the kid who took his ball and went home.

"Why would someone say that? Because it's embarrassing," said one player of Higgins' response.

"How are you supposed to tell the fans we're not going to play a 10-year veteran who's our emotional leader, an all-star and one of our best players and he's a healthy scratch?"

Clark took the high road when asked about being replaced by Canadian rookie Neil Ternovatsky.

"As a team leader, guys ask me with a funny look on their face 'what's going on?' " said Clark, who has split time with linebacker Scott Coe all year.

"I'm not angry, I'm just frustrated I can't be out there. I do understand it for ratio reasons but as a player I want to play. I'm upset that I can't be out there trying to help the team."

Coe was equally as diplomatic.

"It's hard to understand because he's such a leader on and off the field," he said.

"But as you kind of wrap your head around it, you realize you have to deal with stuff you can control."

Tough, given how things have spiralled out of control at the tail end of a three-year rebuilding plan that appears destined for more playoff failure Sunday.

So while Henry Burris was giving his "us against the world speech," Higgins joined in.

"Why should there be any pressure on the team?" he asked. "Nobody expects it to win so we'll just go out and have some fun."

Sounds like oodles of fun so far.

Hmmm, so much for my pick of Calgary upsetting Saskatchewan. Unless this was a stunt to throw everyone off, it looks like there is more dirty laundry in Cow town than usual.

I don't understand the Clarke scratch.

...the Clark scratch is because of a ratio problem, which is only a reason, but not a good one...yup, this all looks pretty stupid if you ask me...the riders are gonna kill us if this is how we prepared this week....

Red, I thought Clark was one of your top defensive players. Couldn't they have cut some one somewhere else?

This is old news and written by Marty Yorks little no brain brother. Francis will probably be banned from McMahon Stadium now.

…we are so thin on D non-imports that we have to play a numbers game…because we switched to a 4-3 our LBs have become less of a threat and we have to concentrate our best players on the front line to shut down Cates and Joseph from running and form some kind of passing rush…then our DBs are also all imports…so the only spot to put non-imports is along our LB line…

…its a tough call no doubt, and I’m sure it’ll bite us big time, but what can you do?..

Thanks for the explanation Red. (I still like Clarke though!)

Is there any question that Francis is a Rider fan? Who isnt?

Kel, least until my stamps are toast...

...rw05, as much as I agree Frances is a twit he is only reporting what he saw, can't fault the guy for having all this material basically drop in his lap....

Yup, it's all newsworthy when it builds the drama.

This kinda' feels like the media circus in 05 with Casey and Dickenson... but more surreal... and with less pouting (still love ya Casey).

I foresee a very testy Stamps team walking into Riderville... but that isn't necessarily a good thing tho.

But makes for a great game story. I hope you guys beat the snot out of each other. :twisted:

Yes, triple overtime, minus 30 degrees, 70km wind, blowing snow… yes pound each other! :twisted:

…i would’ve thought this was a ploy by the stamps…UNTIL i read they were leaving Clark out of the picture…i don’t care what your ratio is …you don;t sit a guy of his calibre and leadership in an important game like this…Hufnagel better get in there quick…kick Higgins upstairs and straighten this mess out…i know that’s impossible right now …BUT it looks like the saddle is about to fall off the horse in cowtown… :roll:

...pfft, what saddle?...that fell off a few weeks ago...

...I agree though this could be a is a bit adventurous and certainly nothing we've seen in the CFL before, but shakes out like this:

...the offense will run all their plays to the soundtrack of Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph...(if you're unfamiliar with that tune, think Benny Hill)....all backfield personel will be in motion, but that motion is sort of freestyle, you know, whatever they're diggin at the time...Henry will be wearing his patented red contact lenses so everyone on the field will look the same, this means he has a 40% chance of throwing to a Stampeder, a 42% chance of targeting a Rider and a 18% chance of tossing the ball to a ref, who hopefully will let it mercifully drop to the ground, much like our receivers...Reynolds will be blindfolded through the entire game because, really, its the playoffs and historically after the regular season we have forgotten about him anyway...

...On the D side of the ball, the riders will be fairly stunned for about the first play or two as the plan is to rush everyone....we should get one or two sacks right away, but then Jospeh will fall back into the shotgun and be able to quick toss to a receiver over the red tidal wave and there is six, and another six, and another six...the score at the half will be 42 riders to 6 stamps (YAY Deangelis!!!)...but wait, we'll adjust at the half, and then we'll rush no one and all 12 guys will play prevent....Cates will rush for 415 yards in the third quarter alone and have to be helped off the field due to frostbitten lungs..., I am not drunk either, but I will be by this time Sunday....

Given the way Clarke played Sask the last time, I am surprised he is sitting. Given everything else, I am not surprised. THe wheels have slowly been falling of the cart for the last few weeks in Calgary.

I wonder how many of the coaches think they could be coaching for the last time and are letting their fustration show thru.

...the least believable part of that scenario is that Red's not drunk at this very moment...:smiley:

…well, at least not legally…

'''i don't blame RedW. for over imbibing after hearing the latest of their coaches jumping between Reynolds and a media person....what the hell gives....aren't you suppose to promote the game...are they trying to take a page out of the Bombers book on how to 'sell' your team in the play-offs...(which by the way the media in the Peg just woke up to the fact there's a semi-final in the City).....Good thing the play-off is in Riderville ..or the stamps might have similar nos. at their gate as the BigBlue....I didn't realize there was so much brewing behind the scenes in Calgary...but what a time for it to start bubbling out.. :roll: