Maybin in McCune out for EF

With mcCune unable to go sunday Maybin will be in at DE and Horton will move to MLB.
Yurichuk also a formable MLB and Canadian part of the roster is listed at DE again

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RT @TSNScianitti: Jalil Carter, who has been starting at DB for the #Argos most of the season is out too, replaced Neiko Thorpe #Ticats

and Don't forget about Kackert

Argo depth chart

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Yurichuk doesn't seem to be starting.

They have Yurichuk backing up Maybin at DE and Horton moved from DE to MLB. I am not sure how much that means with the Jones defense system with DEs falling back into LB spots and vise versa. Not susre how much experience Horton has at MLB but you may be looking at a situation where they want to get the fastest athletes on the field within the ratio.
I think Yurichuk has been one of the most underated MLBs the last few seasons and thought they may have gone with both Maybin and Horton and Lee rotating in at the DEs with Yurichuk much more solid and experienced at calling defenses from the MLB spot.
That could very well still happen as the depth charts are not always the most reliable of reports here.

I'm not going to read too much into this, but injuries during practice tell me that Milanovich might be running these guys a bit ragged because of the bye. Don't know, like I said, I can't read too much into it, but three practice injuries?

IMO the injury to McCune was convenient because Jones wanted someone in the middle to put a "spy" on Gable. Horton has the speed and tackling ability to do that. Gable will think Horton is joined at his hip for this game. It's the oldest trick in the books for a big game and has been used for decades to shut down a good RB. If Gable can fight through it and be a factor, then you take your hat off to him. I look for Henry to try and run more himself if Horton does shut Gable down. That is one advantage Hamilton has over Ricky Ray.

Thats some great points. I was thinking Horton would be spying Lefevour on his packages but Gable as well makes a lot of sense. Also adding some of the Lefevour running package for Burris is certainly a great possibility. Burris can still move even at 38 but just not wise to do as much as he had done when he was younger but one game away from the cup.
in the semi Lefevour ran his packages and the Masoli Package