Maybe we become the Vancouver Lions?

There is talk about renaming BC because British Columbia is offensive to first nations because of historic issues. No comment on that, but I hate to lose the initials of BC. Too bad we already have a town called Bella Coola because I think that would work fine.
In the mean time, what will happen to the BC Lions?

Could be worse. You could become the Detroit Lions. I would trade the Detroit Lions for the BC Lions in a heartbeat. You could even keep them in the


only if they still have Reilly and Burnham

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Nothing would surprise me anymore with what is politically correct with sports teams names or street names in this country.

You're kidding right?
Tell me you're kidding!
PLEASE tell me you are kidding!

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This idea of renaming everything is getting tiresome.

Leave it alone.

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I would rather have them be the Vancouver Lions regardless of what the province does.

Unless it's a small market or they're not in the city, I don't care much for provincial/state names.


They did begin with the name of Vancouver Lions.

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Interesting...did not know far back did they have that name?

Only briefly in 1954 either changing it in the middle of the season or changing it in 1955.

A follow up to the point I made.

The name Vancouver Lions was rejected by Annis Stukas as he wanted the team to represent the entire province of BC.

And Vancouver,at the time, was the largest city in BC.

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Wait until someone finds out that George Vancouver had slaves or he mistreated indigenous peoples

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Should British Columbia change its name? As we reckon with history, some say it's time | CBC News

Thanks for the link, but I believed ya

yeah I know :slight_smile:

I still should have provided the link in the first place

I am sure he did.

Maybe the name of Canada will be erased too.

Like I have stated before this insanity needs to stop or all of us that do not fit the indigenous profile can be reconciled out of the country at some point.

No. You don't have to prove yourself

Vancouver Elks

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But "Canada" is an indigenous word - it's a Huron name for village. It's safe.
But cities named after British explorers, generals etc are fair game for change.
Vancouver, Halifax, Regina, Hamilton maybe Edmonton because it's named after Edmonton in London England.

…taken, you’ll have to go with Whelks, a form of sea snail

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