Maybe we aren't as bad as we think!

I know that Calgary beat the Cats in game 1 but they have gone in the tank since then. The Agros gave it to us last week but they spanked Calgary last night. It could have been a lot worse. I think the Argos let up on them in the third or they could have easily put 70 points on the board. Maybe the Cats aren’t as bad as we think. The Argos are just that good!

Yes, imagine a team with Damon Allen as the 3rd stringer, decently strong at a key position like that.

When you can't put up double digits on the scoreboard, trust me, you're bad.

yes we are

Yes we are going to get better. :thup:

yes we are going to get better - eventually

Toronto might be THAT good but we got spanked by a team that got spanked. My vote… we are THAT bad.

But I still love the Tiger-Cats!

Well Mikey planted a Lucky penny, Todays sports Spec so we should get a win tonight at NWS! :thup:

The CFL can be very unpredictable at times. Coaches try to instill into their players a “winning team attitude” and then, just as importantly, get them to keep that attitude.
I am convinced, that sooner or later, the Ticats will win some football games, but at the same time, I’m not looking for much this season, but I’ll take whatever number of wins the team can generate this year while looking forward to a great season next year.

Keep the faith! Good things will happen!

Rocky, and next year I’ll bet you’ll be saying the exact same thing.