Maybe Tillman needs to find a new D-Coordinator

It’s been 4 straight games that the Riders have shown EVERYONE that they cannot stop the run!

yet they have not made a single adjustment in their defensive scheme to attempt to improve on things.

Clearly a BIGGER change may need to be made!

get rid of Etchevery and find someone who can run a normal Defense!

I would fire the O-Coordinator first actually
Leave the defense for now
They seemed ok in Calgary(last 2 series) and to produce 3 straight turnovers in BC

Rather than fire anyone, let's start with looking at the problem of our offense. The play calling is too vanilla (predictable). Start by using crossing routes, play action, roll the quarterback out of the pocket, etc. Our offense is most effective when people are moving. Durant is not a pocket passer. Ever notice, most of his mistakes occur when he's in the pocket. Creativity will work; we have the playmakers to do the job.

When a defense is on the field 40 minutes a game, and the offense 20 minutes, the D is going to burn out. It's not the D's fault the offense is inept.

we couldn't stop the run from the start of the games.

so the tired excuse isn't valid.

The D has been doing it's job in the first half of games this year, creating turnovers and actually scoring points for us. If you take away the late "game is already over" penalty aided touchdown by the Leos and the bumbled punt that means BC scored 20 points on our defense. 20 points is more than enough to win games.

Remember, we have a d-line coach who has very little or no experience coaching at a high level! When you take into consideration he has never played or coached on defense it may explain some of the problems the d-line is having. Miller did hire the guy on Etcheverry's recommendation however. I guess Etch has no one to blame but himself.

Mike Scheper. Played O-line, coached O-line.......No experience on D side of things.......EVER.

However, Both Mike Scheper and Gary Etcheverry are from the same part of Southern California.

I'm thinking it's the Buddy system more then job qualifications that got MS the job.

Funny thing. Jurasin at the 89 cup reunion said. he'd love to get an offer from the Riders for a coaching gig.