maybe this will clear it up for marshall fan's

read this clip maybe it will let the marshall fans understand why he had to go and why he is responsible in part to the teams lack of discipline.

"This is Berry's first season as a head coach at any level. Anyone associated with pro sports will tell you a team feeds off its coach and follows his example. If a coach is yelling at officials or the opposing team, so, too, will his players. Interesting then that Als head coach Don Matthews, after almost 30 years in the league, has never been assessed an objectionable-conduct penalty for infuriating an official."

thats about as black and white as you can get it.

It is quite possible, you know, to be a Marshall fan and still understand why he was removed as head coach of the team. I am one of these people.
Good clip, where did you get it from? article about butler and coach berry in winnipeg....and your right it is quite possible.

Didn't Matthews get an objectionable penalty in his last game.

Wasn't it Matthew's team that was caught spying too? :lol:

The Don WAS penalized in the last game.

nope, that was McManus... lol