Maybe This Is Why Chang is Not Playing

It well documented that I am a huge Jason support. But is Maybe Why Timmy Chang is not playing
Jason Maas Is in The last Year of his Deal He dose have and opition next Year as well But Maybe The Cat want timmy to learn all he can from Maas and then next year the cat do not act on maas opition or resign him for and for a backups pay and then throw chang after

What do you think?

(That is what i think might happen.Not what i want to happen )

I think that the best QB will be our starter, no matter what the salary structure. Since...MOST contracts are not gauranteed in the CFL (at least up to Labour Day)


Your scenario is what everyone is expecting will happen. 

The question is…can Chang become the starter? Will he be ready? I sure hope so. If not, maybe Maas will be back next year. Regardless, I believe we need another QB on this team who can start if needed. The sooner the better.

Should be interesting to see if Maas can air it out to the speedy Armstead who is used to a strong arm Joseph's throws.

QB challange back in 2006 showed that Joseph could though well over 70+ yards........Jason....not even close and prior to the so called disaster season with injury.

Its too early for Chang
from what I've seen at the times that he has played is,he still has problems with the extra guy on the D
I say let him mop up the games that are out of reach or fully in hand to get the exp.
then next year chose the starting QB on proformance rather that contract

Maybe we'll see that on labour day against the damned blitz krig Argo defence......

Armstead isn't scheduled to be playing reciever tonight in Montreal as he has been home all week with family,as it was his week off....from todays Spec.

He'll be returning kicks.

my guess is the TiCats will cut Maas after labour day

Not! they have invested too much time and money in him unless his arm goes again etc I can see them sticking with the West Maas offense as long as he keeps improving and stays healthy.

Exactly. This is a very different league than other pro sports leagues that have depth of talent to replace guys with. Maas has to work for the Cats to succeed, end of story. Wishing Chang to come in and light it up is not responsible management. Just the backseat coaching of disgruntled fans.