Maybe there’s hope for Atlantic Canada

According to the Winnipeg Sun, maybe there is hope for a team in Atlantic Canada sooner rather then later. About 3/4 of the way thru the article.

Now on the con side there is a Vancouver Province article that paints the prospects on a more bleaker side.

To be fair the article is fairly neutral towards expansion and leaning towards negative.

Ambrosie is surprisingly optimistic about the potential of the CFL adding a 10th team, in Atlantic Canada. The idea of putting a team in Halifax has been discussed for decades, but it has really all just been talk.

You’d forgive CFL fans if they won’t believe it till they see it.


Well for one I also will believe it not when the franchise is awarded but, when I see an Atlantic Canada team take the field. What surprised me by the article was the mention of Moncton. Fans have suggested Moncton, but the upty ups have always said Halifax. That’s what raised my eyebrows. I also wonder if something is up but considering all the failed attempts over the last 30 years if their just downplaying this one. Maybe I’m being over optimistic but I’m just hoping a 10th team is just around the corner.

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For one thing the Sun got the TD Alantic game location wrong. It was held in the village of Wolfville. A population of just over 5,000. Counting personal pets I believe. Don't be fooled they have no inclination to expand if they have the game in a village. It's a university stadium, home to the Acadia Axemen. I have nothing against the village, Bob Cameron went to school there and was a great QB. Was converted to a punter and excelled. A great trivia question, "How many times did Bob throw the ball on third down in his long and illustrious career?" You have a QB that was known as 'The Acadia Rifle', and you never use him on third down. Just one of the reasons I disliked Cal Murphy. :thinking::confounded::rage:

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Not sure what that has to do with what I was putting forward but, like you I’m not holding my breath that it’s a done deal. I’ll believe it when I see a team on the field.

Moncton is the only thing that makes sense from a Canadian perspective in Atlantic Canada. The University should take the money from the lease and upgrade the stadium. That way it'll eventually be up to CFL standards. Halifax might be more excited about the CFL if they have a Moncton rival.


Reading between the lines, it appears the CFL is again looking towards Moncton as the expansion site. Why bring up Moncton at all if you're going the Halifax route? One scenario I can see is a split season between Moncton and Halifax - playing in the 21,000 seat stadium in Moncton (retrofit of existing stadium?) and the smaller 10-14K stadium in Halifax they talk about for their soccer team. If it's going to be a regional team, you can't get any more "regional" that a set up like this.

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Not sure I would feel great about that if I was a "Moncton Monsters" CFL fan. I wouldn't like the idea that if Halifax built a stadium that was 20k capacity, my team may move. If I was in that persons shoes, I wouldn't get emotionally invested in that team. This might lead to lower ticket sales overall. I would present it as a Moncton team first.

The CFL should always have a neutral site game party at any rate.
Instead of your idea, I would rather have Montreal or Toronto as the home team in Halifax. Moncton Monsters as the visiting team.

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I like that idea, if I’m not mistaken the Green Bay Packers did that. They played games in Green Bay and Milwaukee

They would have a bigger fan base , because of two cities rather than one and if down the road Halifax gets a new stadium they can go it alone.

Oh, wouldn’t that be interesting — 10th team in Moncton and the 11th team in Halifax. For over 30 years can’t even get one team there, and now we’re talking two. LOL!! :joy:


Totally agree, but maybe move it around the country instead of always in Atlantic Canada.


Are they thinking of joining the US?

Yes, for those who have read my earlier posts in the expansion threads, I apologize for the following.

I think the CFL should do 10 neutral sites per year. 4 Toronto, 4 Montreal, 2 BC.

When asked about 12 teams Ambrosie listed Quebec city as a possibility but you never know :rofl:

Sorry my little grey cells aren’t comprehending. Can you explain what you mean by 4 Toronto, 4 Montreal, 2 BC.

I remember that article and on the positive side nobody is saying much about expansion so you have to wonder if some hush hush thing is in the 11th hour. On the negative side that semi blasting of the Halifax mayor during Atlantic Canada this year and the mayor’s response wasn’t exactly encouraging.


Every neutral site has a home team. Toronto and Montreal have the lowest attendance. This doesn't include the Elks game last weekend because they haven't released the numbers as far as I know. I think any one team can't do more than 4 neutral sites. You wouldn't put a highly attended match up as a neutral site game. You would do what Toronto did and play a western team because they don't draw as well. The lowest attended game for Toronto this season was Winnipeg Vs Toronto. That would be a prime candidate for a neutral site game. For BC, the lowest home game attendance was Toronto. Toronto with BC as the home team would also be a prime candidate.

Missed the Hailfax mayor info could you inform me please. Someone from the cfl blasted him or did he do the blasting?