maybe the chang supportters can explain this

just about everyone here thinks that if timmy started these last 7 games we would be 7-0 if thats the case then all the penalties in these games that cost some games would disappear, the recievers would catch every ball thrown to them, the defense would not give up long drives to the opposition or big plays probably have a couple shutouts along the way, the special teams would be returning kicks and punts for big yardage and the odd td. i guess all of the above reasons are jasons fault. someone explain please

NO...WRONG! We don't expect to be 7 and 0...those are your words.

There are fans on here who would like to see something doferent than the status quo. I'll give you an example...if you keep doing the same thing and get the same results...then it's time to make a adapt to the changes. If something else is tried...How will we know?.

We've put up with a year and a half of mediocrity and a poor record. We've changed every position including coaches and support staff...BUT...we continue to play the same QB.

I'm not bashing Maas by saying this...I'm just saying that enough is enough...he is not happy here, I'm sure and for Whatever Reason...he has not had success. Time to move on! Build for the future!

I'll bet that if we could get something for him...he would be gone! And I'm sure he would be the first to say Thank Gawd!

Explain what? LMAO

For the sake of argument, Chang would start in all seven games and we would be 1-6 or 0-7. Chang would have seven games under his belt.

That's assuming of course Maas wouldn't be used, which would be unlikely. Maas does have a good record as a backup.

Where does the part where I have to wear sackcloth and ashes come in EVEN if that were true? We are 1-6, FFS.

In the Parthenon of "Defend My Guy To The Nines," that is lame. :wink:


Oski Wee Wee,

Does not compute.

Did you intend to serve scrambled egg?

We will never know is everything would be better with Chang because for some strange reason this franchise has come to expect nothing but mediocre play from the QB position! This is the only team in the CFL that refuses to develop QB's, we simply like to recycle veterans and play them until they are ready for the broadcast booth!

[b]NO...WRONG! We don't expect to be 7 and 0...those are your words.[/b]
I'm not bashing Maas by saying this...I'm just saying that enough is enough...[b]he is not happy here, I'm sure[/b] and for Whatever Reason...he has not had success. Time to move on! Build for the future!
Looks like you just put your words in the mouth of Maas. What did you say at the beginning of your post again???

And your point is What??? By the way...if your going to quote me...quote the whole post...not just a sentance or two!

Well dont you find it odd that in a single post you first defend that those words dont belong to you and then right in the same post put your words in Maas' mouth.

What part of "I'm sure" don't you understand...those Are MY WORDS...MY THOUGHTS!

Give up!

Do you really think for one minute that the guy is Happy Here and with his performance?

Perhaps to put it in perspective might ask Corey Holmes if he would rather not return to Regina!

You are completely speculating whether he is happy or not being in Hamilton.

Anyways, does Maas look happy here?

To me he doesn't look happy, or maybe that's just how he is, he looks like a very serious guy. Lancaster tried to get him to losen up but that worked out about as well as a joe poapoa hitch pass.

That may be so...but common sense would dictate that assumption!

No speculation on the results to date...1 and 6 this year!

4 and 14 last year and an almost complete change of the team.

The only thing we haven't changed is the owner! :wink:

1 & 6 = Offensive production under Maas.
There has been small glimpses of Chang but the damage was already done. While I have nothing against Jason his offensive production and leadership really has been sub-par. Nuff said.


I don’t know if Maas is happy or not nor do I care. All I know is that his play makes me unhappy.

I agree with others here who want to see the status quo changed. The same old, same old has the team on pace for the same old 4-14 season.

An Argo-Cat fan

This thread is a perfect example of the all-or-nothing attitude that is so pervasive around here. No one has said that if Chang started we would be 7-0. I don’t think that many of the Chang starters have guaranteed any wins if he started. If I could speak for Chang supporters, and I can’t, I would suggest that most think our record would be better than 1-6 if he started every game. I believe we could have won a couple of those close ones (Edmonton and BC) but I’m only guessing.
All Chang supporters want is for their guy to get in and show what he can do and be given a legitimate shot - probably start at least two games.
In the end Maas might prove to be a better choice right now. I can live with that.
it should not be an all-or-nothing situation. There is no reason the two QB’s could not share duties to some extent depending on the opposition, the flow of the game…
I think it’s time for the Maas suporters to step back, take a deep breath and accept that their man is not getting the job done and probably never will. That’s not to say he won’t win a few games and give us all a false sense of optimism.

Screw Happy...Jason thrives
on anger..and rage, woody.

You probably forgot the stories we heard
when he signed to come out East to Hamilton.

Check out Vicki Hall's article

from The Edmonton Journal

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Maas Still Has The Ire In His Belly

Esks QB plays best when he's angry


A few years back, Jason Maas showed up
at the team office barely able to speak.

"I've just tried horseradish for the first time,
and I'm so angry," he spat.

"Why didn't I try it before?
I've wasted so much time."

So where does this rage come from
in Maas? Why is this young man so angry?

Turns out the 30-year-old searches the universe
for irritants that make him explode.

He has no trouble finding such triggers
in everything from sandwich toppings
to intoxicated fans in the crowd.

"When I'm in a fit of rage, I play better,"
he said Monday.

"Sometimes, I try to get myself
to get to that point.

I look for little things
to fuel my fire."

On Sunday, the backup quarterback
rallied the Edmonton Eskimos to victory
in the Western Final

like an enraged army general

preparing his troops
for a deadly battle.

He hollered. He swore.

He slapped his teammates on the back.

He demanded they play better,

that they rise to the occasion

with starter Ricky Ray on the bench
and the game tied.

His men followed their marching orders.

Trevor Gaylor snared a 15-yard pass
in the end zone to propel the Eskimos

to a 28-23 victory and a trip to the Grey Cup
this Sunday in Vancouver.

His mother, Vicki, recalls the time
her boy heard a fan heckling him

at Commonwealth Stadium prior to a game
against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

"Maas, you're going to be riding the pine
next year when Ricky Ray comes back,"
the spectator screamed.

Furious, Maas completed 22 consecutive passes
to shatter the CFL record

of 18 straight completions set in 1979
by B.C. Lions quarterback Joe Paopao.

After the final gun, someone handed Maas
the game ball as a souvenir.

"Go give it to that fan," Maas snapped.

"He's the one who deserves it."

A few years back on Labour Day,

the Calgary Stampeders
ran out onto the field
in their black jerseys.

For some reason, Maas took
this as a personal afront.

"He went nuts on the sideline before the game,"
recalled head coach Danny Maciocia.

"He's yelling,

'They're in black. They're in black.' "

Maciocia shook his head.

"Yeah, they're in black, Jason,"
the coach said. "So what?"

"That's disrespectful," Maas bellowed,
before ripping off a string of obscenities.

To no one's surprise, Maas lit it up that day.

The Sherwood Park resident
plays better when he's angry,

and he's learned to embrace that tendency

with help from Edmonton
sports psychologist John Dunn.

"I don't know where the
anger comes from," Maas said.
"It's deep-rooted."

A dedicated father and tireless volunteer,
Maas conceded the roots of his rage

probably lie in the death of his own dad.

Police officer Gary Maas
died in a flurry of bullets

at an Arizona bus station
when Maas was 10.

The officer returned fire and
killed one of the suspects.

The other is serving two life sentences.

For awhile, it seemed Maas was sentenced
to a life of pain due to the loss.

He started acting out in school.

"We wanted him to go see somebody,
to talk to a psychiatrist

or some kind of group therapy,"
his mother said.

"He didn't want to.

"But I don't remember Jason being a bad kid.

He went through a rebellious stage.

He mooned his teacher in Grade 6.

But that was about it."

With football as his salvation,
Maas worked through his pain.

He's made national headlines in recent weeks
for his unselfish attitude and constant support
of his good friend, Ricky Ray.

Ray is slated to start in the Grey Cup,

leaving Maas on the bench
ready to help if needed.

If he gets the call, Eskimos fans
can only hope he finds something
to be angry about.

"Maybe I'll step on his toe or something,"
said wide receiver Ed Hervey.

"That should do it."