Maybe Rob Murphy and Jessie check the forums?

If that is the case let me start the thread by saying sign with the Cats!

We are a likeable bunch who appreciate the hard nose football both of you play!!

I would imagine that on the day free agency opens that they have much more important things to do than read forums.

Rob Murphy and Jesse Lumsden are just like all the rest of us. They want to know where they're headed to as well. :lol:

I think they might have 4 or 5 sites open clicking the refresh button frequently.

Maybe JESSE is tired of people spelling his name wrong around here and wants to leave. :wink:

It isn't beyond the scope of the imagination that they would check the sites since some of them check them frequently during the season/off-season. I can see Murphy doing something like that. Ego maniac that he is. :smiley:

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Sorry Jasse I do have a bad habit of spelling your name wrong.
I do want you to come back though!!!

Do Gauthier and Murphy both play the exact same poition/side?

I believe Gauthier is a left tackle while Rob Murphy is a right tackle.