Maybe Paul should spend more time...

…worrying about his own team, and not twittering about SK in Kelly-like fashion:

Paul LaPolice, coach of the Bombers: “Saskatchewan could be 0-3.” #Wpg_BlueBombers #CFL

My response: “Buck Pierce could be healthy.”

Oh, if ifs and buts were candies and nutes, eh, Paul.

lol twitter

Figures LaPolice would twitter, It is a school girl thing to do.

Must be something in the air in the Peg. It seems whoever goes there ends up with so much jealousy of Saskatchewan that they have to vent in some way, and look for something to slag them about. :lol: :lol: is quite a scoop......about as interesting as the fact Ken Miller passed gas at a few rider work-outs.... :rockin: Getting ready for labour day are we boys....i know Paul is :rockin: :lol:

Exactly. :lol:

Isn't his time better spent lying about Pierce's injury?

I'd say his time could be better spent coaching his team...

I'd love to know who thought "Hey, myspace and facebook are popular, so lets take a single small aspect out of these two sites and build a huge social networking site around it!". I'm not sure if they're brilliant or retarded but it, for some reason I can not fathom, is very popular.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Not to mention it promotes horrible spelling and grammer, because you can only use so many characters.

I only knew about it because it was posted in another forum. I've tweeted once in my life, and felt shame. I have my phone set to receive tweets from coach Kenny and DD.

Otherwise, yeah, it blows.

....Exactly :lol:

he'll be singing a different tune when the Riders win both games.. :rockin: :cowboy:

What have we talked about with you and your predictions?

You got off lucky last week, but clearly their performance was affected. A lesser team would have succumbed to the hex and lost.

Now zip it.

I wasn't ragging on you for checking Twitter, Artie; to be honest, I check out the occassional Conan O'Brien tweet. I just can't stand the site overall.

That comment was taken out of context. LaPolice was talking about parity in the league during his radio show and someone (not LaPolice) posted a incredibly small portion of his comments on twitter.

I found it useful for getting election results without having to wait for 3 hours to find out what Ontario decided to do with the rest of the country.

Yes so jealous, of all those Grey Cups you have ! 3 in 70 years should be so proud ! Needing a telethon to save your team, because you couldn't draw flies for 20 years ! Then last year's Grey Cup, MAGIC :smiley:

Never look back.Look forward, and I am sooo looking forward to Jyles starting............Bwahahahahahahah.

Hehehe. It’s actually 3 Grey Cups in 100 years, but who’s counting?

You wish you could be like us but you can’t!