Maybe My First Live CFL Game?

Hello All,

Greetings from Southern California. I found out that business might bring me to Winnipeg this summer. Any suggestions for tickets, where to tailgate, game day atmosphere for the Bombers, etc?



You can get tickets from TicketMaster online. The west side (home bench) is considered the "quiet" side of the stadium and the east side (visitors bench) is the rowdy side. Section S is considered the rowdiest section and it usually just consists of people who want to have fun but sometimes they get out of hand. There are a couple of no alcohol areas in the stands so you might want to be careful which section you buy in. There isn't a lot of tailgating that goes on because the Bombers schedule isn't exactly conducive to it (a lot of week night games) plus it's illegal to have open alcohol in public and too many people seem to think you can't tailgate without beer. There are quite a few restaurants in the area of the stadium that have game day stuff going on. I don't know whose is best so can't recommend one place over another.

Here's a link to the game day policies from the Bombers website so you will know the rules before you get there:

I hope you have lots of fun.

you will enjoy it, be sure to sit on the east side (west side sucks), and be sure to not construct a beer snake, we dont like their kind around here :lol:

  1. if you go to a game against B.C it is mandatory that you participate in a rousing B.C sucks chant even if we happen to be losing, you may also chant "dirt Sanchez" when davis sanchez is on the field
    2.if the Eskimos come the chant is "i'd rather be a bomber than a f**k'n eskimo"

Isnt the beer snake banned now since people were throwing cups from the upper level to the lower level?

ya its banned, people were throwing cups and some people got hit by them, l,ong story short, they got banned :thdn: :lol:

The beer snake was stupid.