Maybe Mike Kelly is right about those Bomber Fans

So you're acknowledging then, that plane tickets are counted under the SMS and by association you have proved the point, which continues to fly right over your head.

Your continued attacks on the poster and not the post are also telling.

B/c some teams will be able to give out trips to France as "door prizes" and other teams may not be able to afford to. Your question about taking another job is pretty stupid and doesn't fit the scenario. The Als have the same salary limit as everyone else so what does a paycut have to do with anything? If two companies paid the same base salary but one gave away trips to France and the other didn't I would probably choose the one giving away freebies. It's amazing to me you can't grasp any of this.

Can you read?

I acknowledged nothing...
I never brought it up
I never discussed it.
Therefor I am not proving anything.

It doest count toward the SMS
I am quite sure that the owners know much better than you do!
Don't like it?
Too bad
Stop coming here whining about things you know nothing about and when you cant back yourself up, you accuse me of personal attacks....

You refuse to respond to my points and ignore my questions....and now make accusations.
This proves beyond any doubt that you are wrong....and you know it!

Your problem is the jealousy that Mtl is a class act from top to bottom
Organization....All class

What do you have?
I understand why this bothers you so much! :lol:

Well now we have it.
That argument shows that You have no clue as to what the SMS is or it purpose....
Learn about it, then talk


Dont come into a team forum and say that a post is stupid!
That will earn you a vacation from posting.....
And I am just the person who can do it :cowboy:

Could you refresh my memory...which team got busted cheating on the cap in 2007? Was it your classy organization or ours?

Sprongggggggggg, ro just snapped. :smiley:

Well I didn't start the thread, so suck it up princess.

I’'ll assume that’s your admission of defeat on the topic. You clearly have no answer and are trying to redirect the conversation.

I’m sure your family is proud that you’ve ascended to the rank of mod on a fan forum that approx. 6 people post on. :thup:

I don't see why it's so difficult to admit that door prizes and such are technically illegal within an SMS-driven system.

Prizes are one more way of keeping your star players happy, particularly when awarding the prizes is a completely subjective judgment call ("best costume"). Do you really think Skip Seagraves has a chance in hell of winning? Or is it more likely that the prize will go to one of the established marquee players who Wetenhall wants to keep happy?

Regular or not, when your star running back wins an expensive vacation in France at a team-sponsored costume party, I don't see how you can argue that it's a sneaky way of remunerating Cobourne outside the cap. Vacations to Europe are not cheap.

Because you have to draw the line somewhere and these door prizes are not paid for by the team or the owner and are not a benefit. If you win a 50/50 draw at work to they tax you on it ?

So for you, going over the SMS means un-classy?

So far you have show us that you dont know what the SMS is or means
You dont know what class is either!

Do you know what trolling in team forums means?

Look it up, its in the forum guidelines

Back to breaking the cap!

Yes it was our CLASSY organisation who went over the cap!
Do you know why they went over the cap?
Do you?

They went over the cap because they decided pay the salary of a player who was sick, not injured, sick, so that he could continue to collect his medical benefits and salary and LIVE!
They put the player first.....
They payed him
They payed the fine
They lost draft pick
BECAUSE the had the CLASS to put people first.....Money second.
Your team would have thrown him into the wind!

So yes, the Als classy organisation broke the SMS, and I am proud of them for doing it!

Do you didnt...but it is in the Mtl forum....
You didnt start it, but you are still trolling here

Really, I'm deflecting....You still havent answered my questions, or my points.....How many times to I have to ask?
You are the one deflecting.....You clearly have no answer so you are trying to deflect the conversation.

6 people post here, many more post on the other forums....and If I give you the boot, its for all the forums......
ANd its still a rank higher than you!

You are a truly intimidating individual. Does it say anything in the COC about using your status as a mod to threaten people? Throwing around the word trolling b/c you're losing an argument is pretty weak. I clearly proved you wrong. Continuing to say nobody has answered your question is untruthful at best.

As for the class of your organization...if this player was sick and needed his benefits why couldn't he go on the 9 game IR? That doesn't count against the cap. Were your alloted IR spots used up for players that were being hidden from the cap and legitimately sick/injured players couldn't get on?

RO is one of the most laid back mods on these boards. You took advantage of his role as a moderator to insult him by suggesting it was an acomplishment he became a mod, very mods , no official forum. you started with the personal BS and when he defends himself you hold the rulebook over his head. One word comes to mind COWARD :wink: At least take it as well as you give it.

You are breaking the forum guideline......That is a fact.
Follow the rules or pay the penalty

You have not PROVEN anyone wrong!
When you can supply the Contract(for lack of a better word) that clearly states that door prizes are counted towards the cap, then you will be proving me wrong. Until then, you are merely speculating, as am I

Have you answered my question, you called it stupid but you didn't answer it...
I asked how it tips the playing field....You didn't answer that either!

As for the sick player
Keep talking...You keep showing that you don't know what you are talking about!
There is no "Allotment": for the IR! They could not have used up all their slots because there is no limit

Had they placed him on the IR that would have been cheating.....You already called the Als cheaters so don't say it would not be!

They payed him above board and were willing to pay the price for it!.....He was sick, not injured...there is a difference!
They could have thrown him into the wind, they didn't, that's class!

You would have done the un-classy thing and hidden him on the IR or cast him aside....The Als didn't!

Interesting you use the phrase "personal bs". Would you consider a poster who will remain nameless taking potshots at Lyle Bauer's cancer "personal BS"? I believe that incident might be why you have the word coward on your mind.

Spankenstein, you had my support on your original post regarding the SMS, but lost it when you decided to start trolling here. Get out of our forum, please, unless you're prepared to show respect for your fellow members. Taking shots at ro's mod status is not acceptable.

Ro should think twice about unzipping and pulling out his mod status to threaten posters if he doesn't want it thrown back at him.

I think I'll apply to be a mod so I can throw posters out who call people trolls without reason.

Your the one who pulled out his mod status and I'm pretty sure he and the other mods would vote against your application :slight_smile:

This is not your forum. Go away, please, and save the sanctimonious drivel for someone who cares.