Maybe Mike Kelly is right about those Bomber Fans

Lame, it will not count against the cap, just filler from waiting for a agme, i am sure if there was no such prize we would lose half our team, come on get real, i doubt this will go further than the bomnber forum

Let me put it in layman's terms.

Anything a player (not a coach, therapist, worker bee) receives from the team, no matter how it is acquired, is open to scrutiny by the compliance officers. An all expense paid vacation to Europe is not something you see every day.

Did you not read my second explanation? Can you explain how door prize, raffle or party are included in T4? Not in T4, not part of salary. Not part of salary, has no bearing on the salary cap.

And whose definition is that? Yours? The agencies that work with salary on daily basis (CRA on federal level, Revenu Quebec on provincial level) do not consider prizes as salary. Who dies and makes you the authority on salary?

Until you can post a link to back that up all you are doing is showing jealousy of a better organization, and whining

You also have not responded to my questions....that shows you got nuttin

lol, a T4, what kind of naivety is that ? Give your head a shake for even bringing that into the discussion. Do you think before the SMS that Hughie and the gang gave all their boys a T4 for those cars and apartments ?

I will not debate this anymore, since all you want to do is ignore the fact that the 'prize' was bought and paid for by the Als.

If the Als have found a way to give their players 'prizes' without SMS implications, good for them, but it doesn't change the facts.

OF course you wont discuss have nothing to back up your claim

You ignore my questions.
You cant show how a door prize tilts the field!
You cant show how it creates an unfair advantage
You cant show that it does count by providing a link.
All you can say is...It counts it counts

You are wrong and you know it

What would you like the link to say ?

That a door prize would count ?

If you read the core agreement on this site, it refers to unregistered compensation for players, you be the judge.

Here is a quote from a former GM in the league.

Considering everything from plane tickets for players' wives, game tickets, hotel bill, shoes, gloves, socks, performance bonuses and public appearance payments will count against the cap, every penny will matter.
[url=] ... 5-sun.html[/url]

The out come won't be known until after this years audit, but like I said, I'm fairly certain this will count as it was bought and paid for by the owner.

You don't know that it was paid by the owner, your just making assumptions AGAIN. I own a company and I get requests for door prizes on a weekly to monthly basis depending on the time of the year. I would not be surprised that the Als travel agency may have received a request for door prizes and gave away a trip. Makes perfect business sense to me.

Which is why the league has hired auditors to make that determination.

At this time, all we have is what Herb wrote, and that is all I am basing this on, plus what the core agreement and a former GM in the league has said.

Didn't you open a can worms with this thread, lol.

Herb ! LOL! Ok you got to stop that :lol:

So then we are back to if an owner gives a player a stick of gum, it counts against the cap!

Read what you quoted and tell me how a party could apply to it!

im still waiting for you to explains how a party will till the playing field!

No answer?
It doesnt, therefor, it doesnt count against the cap!

Oi, guys, he has a point. Cobourne's plane tickets fall into the category of gratuities that the SMS is supposed to prohibit.

No, no , no.

Plane tickets given to a player to fly home by the organisation would be considered a fringed benefit and be counted. A door prize donated for a social function is not a fringed benefit. Next thing you know if a player wins 25 million in the 6/49. The team will pay 12 million in fines. :roll: Third prize was a flat screen TV or golf club, does that count too ? At what point does this become retarded ?

Players better start turning down those Movado watches...Sticker price is 800.00 (really 399.00 if you shop). A team wins too many of those the cap hit is going to be brutal :x

If the prize had been donated by any organization other than the Als, I wouldn't see a problem with it.

Well then if you say it ok,,,,,Im sure the Als will be relieved

No he doesnt have a point cause he doesnt understand the SMS or its purpose

Your attempts at sarcasm are painful. 6/49 & Movado watches aren’t provided by the team. Other than embarrassing yourself, those examples are useless.

What’s to stop a team from providing 46 door prizes at these team parties? The owners are not supposed to be providing anything to their players…period. The NCAA is similar is not allowing “fringe” benefits. Players have lost their scholarships b/c they let a team booster buy them lunch. A standard has to be set and followed. Calling a bonus payment or benefit a door prize doesn’t change the fact that it’s an increase in their compensation from the team.

Pot meet kettle, you were just corrected on the plane tickets.

I won't pretend to know about Quebec law or whether or not the Income Tax Act is applicable.

I do know that under US law, prizes, among other things, are counted as part of a professional athletes compensation.

When they give 46 door prizes....It counts on the SMS

Why because you say so?

Take another look......This is not the NCAA and the players are not on scholarship

I will ask you the same question I asked others who refuse to answer.
The purpose of the SMS is to keep the playing field level
How does a doorprize tip the playing field?
Will you quit your present job to take a lesser paying job, but you have at a chance at a doorprize?

How was I corrected on something I never brought up?

You dont understand the SMS…That sir is a fact!
Your points about it prove it!